Monday, 28 April 2008

We'd Spend The Whole Weekend Lying In Our Own Dirt

My weekend in pictures:

taking a catnap, before the bandages come off

why I could never be a vegetarian

puppy love

ferocious beast

wedding invitations - almost ready to be mailed out

apple pie with crumbly cheese topping

Unphotographed weekend happenings:

- Westy's team lost, meaning they're out of the running to play in the RBC Cup in Ontario.
- S bought a suit (1 more thing we can cross off the wedding to do list!)
- I did absolutely no studying for my final (oh and I haven't finished the coursework yet either. And the final is on Saturday.)
- S decided that no, he doesn't want to go somewhere tropical for his 30th birthday. He's reverted back to his crazy Alaska idea.


  1. Stella's getting big!

    I would appreciate it if you'd mail some of the apple crumble to me, stat.

  2. Ben: Dude, I made it on Saturday. Today is Monday. It's been gone for a day and a half.

  3. OMG - that meal looks amazing. Care to share the recipe?

  4. stella's a rockstar!

    and i think we had a similar weekend, minus the wedding stuff:)

    yeah and i'll take a piece of the next apple crumble too. damn that looks good.

  5. apple pie with cheese topping . . . never had it but I'm curious!

  6. Hi - new reader just stopping in to say OMG WHAT A CUTE PUPPY!! And also: I'll be needing that pie recipe. KThxBye.


  7. haaaa that picture of her licking your nose is PRICELESS.

    hooray for the nearly-done invites! i just read the french fry entry and had a good chuckle, because WOW that would so be me.

  8. Your puppy is seriously adorable!!

    And your apple pie? Delicious.

  9. I love that photo of Stella licking your nose!

  10. Holy crap, that is a cute puppy.

    And that pie is making me need a snack. Diabolical.

  11. You know what is bad, looking at the photos of that puppy combined with ASPCA animal rescue commercial on the TV at the same time.

    My poor heart just exploded in a perfect storm of cuteness/sadness.

  12. Hi! I'm not dead!
    (although if I were, I'm pretty sure one of those pies would snap me right up out of it)

    And I sure hope you frame that face-licking photo.