Thursday, 10 April 2008

Like A Hero Or A Champion You Are The Best You're The Best

Last night Westy and his team demolished their opponent to win the BCHL championship. They're on to Alberta next (as soon as the finals there are complete.) To say I'm proud would be an understatement. My little brother is such a star.


  1. Go Westy! May the ice be friendly to him and his teammates in Alberta.

  2. You know, for some reason, I did not remember that he was your brother and I kept thinking he was a hockey player you had a crush on. Hahahaha. Congratulations to your brother.

  3. Always fun to watch siblings do well. It's as if we have played a part in their success!

  4. yay awesome siblings! my little sister is one of the most accomplished people i know, which is so cool :-)

    THANK YOU for the food freezing ideas!!

  5. Westy is totally the besty.
    It's too bad that Westy doesn't rhyme with shiznit.

    (I'm totally behind in my comments---I promise to catch up!)