Wednesday, 30 April 2008

'Cause This Is Music For The Young And Foolish

After being verbally smacked by a music store employee, I decided that I'd spent enough time/energy trying to track down the 2-disc limited edition of the new Kooks album and I'd just order it online. Then a week passed and I still didn't have my Kooks album. I contacted customer service and was told that they were out of the limited edition and were awaiting shipment from the supplier. The thought of missing out on the 2-disc limited edition made me want to cry a little so yesterday I popped by the music store while doing my boss's banking and bought it. To say I "popped by the music store" is a bit inaccurate.

Slow day at work, you ask? Erm, yes. Employee of the month right here.

Anyway, cds are my crack. I can't stop at just one. In addition to the new Kooks (2-disc! limited edition!) album, I also bought Counting Crows Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings, Sia Some People Have Real Problems and The Mountain Goats Heretic Pride. On top of picking up Adele's 19 last week. Is there CD Buyers Anonymous? If so, I should probably think about signing up. Especially since I'm planning on picking up Sarah McLachlan's new cd tonight. I'm so weak.

I've only had time to listen to Adele's album so far but I plan on remedying that just as soon as I've loaded all the new music onto my ipod. I'm not making any promises, but perhaps I will review some of the music on my blog. Not fancy professional-like reviews mind you, just any thoughts I may have while listening. I will start with Adele:

Adele has an interesting voice. If Amy Winehouse, Kate Nash, Corinne Bailey Rae and Regina Spektor had a love-child, Adele would be it. I loved the album after my first listen. Now, after multiple listens, there are a few songs that make me grit my teeth. Also, I have yet to learn any of the lyrics (which is rare for me and might be an indication of the songs' catchiness - yes catchiness is a real word. Don't test me, I'll kick you.) That being said, I would recommend this album if you like bluesy pop and unique female voices (like my friend Cale, who has this weird love of unique-sounding female singers. It's Cale's birthday today. Happy Birthday Cale! For your birthday, you can listen to my copy of Adele's cd.)


  1. So, wait. Does this mean that you will end up with 2 copies of the 2-disc set, i.e. will the store you ordered it from still ship it to you when the supplier sends it to them or did you cancel that?

    Yes, I know this makes no real difference, but it confused me.

  2. I have never heard of The Kooks. But then again, I just learned who Mariah Carey was last week.

  3. Thank goodness someone is still buying actual CD's. You are clearly holding up the music industry as I haven't bought an actual CD for years.

  4. Hm. I like Adele's right as rain but the rest really didn't grab me. Did I post this exact comment here before or was that someone else's post about her?

    Where am I? What season is it?

  5. Your "map" is making me want to play Tetris.

  6. That would be one freaky love child spawned by women.


  7. I'm totally hitting up youtube tonight to check out some of these bands I've never heard of.

    and I want to know how long it took you to make that map? Longer than it took you to create this post??

  8. I found your from Dactyl and just went and downloaded some of Adele's songs. I've only listened to one song but I think I might be in love. SOOOOO, thanks for introducing me to my new musical girlfriend :P

  9. haha, i love the visual aid of the map...

    hmm... i like SORT OF unique vocals, but too raspy/scratchy and it starts to annoy me. i guess i shoudl go take a listen and see :-)

  10. J: I cancelled the online order. They hadn't shipped it yet so it wasn't a problem.

    Thomas: The Kooks are a hip English band. Think Arctic Monkeys meet The Strokes.

    Nilsa: The only reason I buy real cds is so I can burn mixes for my friends and they can actually put them in their computer without their computers melting (or asking for my itunes account password.)

    Ben: Have you been hitting the gin?

    Over-Thinker: I love Tetris. It makes me happy. So do maps.

    Jef: Not freaky bad, right? Freaky in a musical genius way.

    Allie-gator: It took a really long time to do the map. Like I said, employee of the month right here.

    Big Momma: Happy to help. And? Hi!

    Alice: Adele isn't too scratchy. She does do this weird high-pitched thing though sometimes which makes my ears bleed. It's a good album though, I promise.

  11. I listened to all of her songs and decided I don't really like her enough to have her be my musical girlfriend. Maybe my musical secret lover though.