Tuesday, 29 April 2008

I Never Had Your Beauty Mark Nor Did I Have Your Black Hair

A few weeks ago Holly blogged about Mario Badescu skin products. She included the link to their skin survey, which lured me in with the promise of free samples. I love free stuff but free beauty products? Definitely qualifies as a Best!Thing!Ever! I wasn't sure if I could partake in the free samples, being Canadian and all, but today in the mail I received:

Seven (7!) samples. I can't wait to play with them.


  1. ooooh i'm tempted... but wary... i'm a purity by philosophy gal at the moment but i'm VERY INTRIGUED by this drying lotion. except maybe not enough to be on their mailing list. O, THE DECISIONS..

  2. It was the drying lotion that sucked me in too (I'm a Clinique devotee.)
    I was wary of being put on their mailing list but apart from 1 email confirming my address details, they haven't contacted me at all.
    And they sent me free stuff! So worth it.

  3. I totally need to check this out. How did I miss this on Holly's site? I love Clinique. I'll leave to try something on occasion, but I always go back to my 3-Step facial care and the double-matte face powder.

    But still--Free! Samples!

  4. I linked to you here http://www.captainporkchops.com/2008/05/mario-badescu-free-samples.html

    I got my free samples today! Love it!!