Thursday, 17 April 2008

Hey Hey Isn't That Random

Random things that happened last night / today:

Last night I went to the music store to pick up the new Kooks album. They didn't have the 2-disc limited edition in stock though, so I asked the cashier if he could tell me what was different from the 1-disc regular edition. He looked at me like I was the stupidest person he'd even encountered and said (voice dripping with adolescent attitude,) "there's 2 discs." Um, yes, thank you. What I meant was, does the second disc feature live music? acoustic versions of their songs? the Kooks doing covers of other artists' songs? I was curious because I felt like I should buy the 1-disc version because I had specifically driven to the music store to pick it up and by not buying it I would be wasting time / gas / effort. I wanted to know if the 2-disc edition was worth me going to another music store. Anyway, I didn't engage the cashier in any nastiness (though I had a few choice names I wanted to call him,) I just went home and ordered the 2-disc version online.

I did pick up Adele's album last night. She is my new girlfriend. If you don't have this album, go buy it now. You will thank me later.

I just handed in my last paper for the soul-sucking English course. I've still got some coursework left to do and a final to write in 3 weeks, but I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Today at work, the lights in our elevator call-buttons were replaced. The old ones weren't burnt out, they were just "too orange." I'm not kidding - that's what the technician said. I asked if perhaps the priority should be fixing the elevator that stops 6 inches below floor level and I got glared at. Seriously though, I have never once thought that the elevator call-button wasn't red enough. I have, however, tripped out of the elevator on multiple occasions because I wasn't expecting a 6-inch step. Everyone in the building avoids that elevator because we're convinced that one day it will free-fall to the basement and kill whoever is riding in it.


  1. Agh! You love The Kooks! Freaking awesome! I Love Them! If you like them you will love. The Format, Motion City Soundtrack, The Honorary Title, Dandy Warhols, etc! Hit me up Ill give you MORE! <3!

  2. Gotta love those people who state the obvious. I'm all about getting the 2 disc editions of most things.

    I haven't gotten Adele's album, but the bits and pieces I've heard were fantastic, so it will definitely be purchased as soon as my wallet will let me.

    Congrats on getting your last paper done - that must be such a relief!

  3. I love Adele's right as rain but the 30s iTunes clips didn't win me over yet. It's good, is it?

  4. You could always take the "fun elevator" each day, it'll be like playing russian roulette!

  5. Hurray for almost being done!

    And it's all about priorities, right?

  6. I hate elevators that act up! My condo building has an old elevator that used to get stuck. Once, I was able to pry the door open, only to realize the floor where I wanted to be was about 3 feet higher than the floor of the elevator. Thankfully, the door then closed and the elevator delivered me safely back to the first floor. It's no wonder I decided to climb the stairs after that!

  7. wow, nice self-restraint on the music store douche. i'm not sure i would have managed that :-)

  8. Yeah Im like a music fanatic!

    The Blow
    Moldy Peaches
    Coconut Records
    Pete Yorn
    Frida (bad-ass Swedish Rapper)

    -----List goes on and on-----

    But, Im at work and I have yet to implement my Itunes here on this computer so I will have to get back to you when I am at my computer. Perhaps I can email you music files ;)

  9. Kudos on the self restraint! That is better than I would've done.

    Also, let me know what is on that 2nd disk, I want to pick up The Kooks but wasn't sure which one I wanted.

    Re: Catalyst recommendation I dig The Format and The Honorary Title as well. I also like The Faint.