Friday, 11 April 2008

Keep On Rockin' In The Free World

This week I found a delivery slip from Canada Post in my mailbox. I'm not a fan of delivery slips unless I'm expecting a package. Unexpected delivery slips usually mean scary, registered mail (and not unexpected cupcakes, which would be bitchin'.)

I went to the post office expecting the worst.

And came away with a large box from GM Canada.

About a month ago, I bought a new car. (I say that offhandedly, like it's not huge news, but it kind of is. It's my first! brand new! all to myself! car and I love it.) Anyway, Blue Steel, as I call her (S's car is called Magnum and if you don't get the reference maybe you should go watch Zoolander and report back to me,) came with a damaged brake light. Someone had used a knife (or other sharp object) to get the packing tape off. Which is funny because the whole point of wrapping packing materials around the lights is so they don't get damaged, right? Anyway, Blue Steel deserves better than that so the dealership agreed to fix it. I thought maybe the box from GM Canada was the new headlight (though why they would send the part to me and not the dealership is beyond me.)

Instead, when I opened the box, I found an ipod nano and a JBL ipod docking system. I was giddy. I'm a big fan of free stuff but unexpected free stuff is even better. I love Blue Steel all on her own but Blue Steel + unexpected free stuff = I heart GM Canada (until, of course, my payment comes out of my account. Then I'll be back to hating them.)

I debated giving S the ipod for his birthday next month (I already have, um, 2 ipods. Don't judge me - I have an ipod shuffle because they don't have a harddrive which means that I can run with it without it freezing up.) This idea was cut short when he walked in and saw the box of free stuff. It turns out this was beneficial to me; when he took the ipod out of its packaging, I saw that it has the Saturn Astra symbol etched on the back. How awkward would that have been if I'd given it to him as a birthday present? "Here honey. Happy birthday. Why does your birthday present have my car symbol permanently etched into it? Um, well, I wanted you to always remember the kind of car I drive. It's not a car symbol. It's a symbol of love." S is in love with his new ipod. It's funny - he's never been particularly interested in my ipods (heh heh, that sounds dirty.) It's one of those things that he didn't realize he wanted until he got it. Now he won't put it down. He brought it to bed last night. I'm not sure how I feel about this. It's cute, right? But also a little creepy.


  1. That's FANTASTIC customer service! Man...I'm damaging all the headlights on my future cars so I can roll around in free Apple swag!

  2. Sounds like GM is doing its part to keep a new customer happy. Let's hope the car itself, outside the brake light error, keeps you happy, too!

    BTW, you should read Du Wax Loolu's series of posts on flowers that were supposed to be delivered to her office. It's funny to see the hoops this company jumped through for her!

  3. New car eh?

    My car is half my age, and I'm not particularly young.

    Maybe it's time.

    Also, I want an ipod. Looks like I'm diggin' out my old black ski mask and machete and havin me some fun!

  4. Woo-hoo for free stuff. Lucky you.

    Have a great weekend. It's only a little creepy that S brought his iPod to bed. ;)

  5. Free stuff is ALWAYS good!

    Congrats on the new car too :)

  6. Or maaaaybe you could have some contest on your site and give the extra i-pod away as a prize!! Just a thought :)

    In a Hillary/Over-Thinker Bizarro-World piece of information: When I purchased my Lesbian-Rubbermaid, a.k.a Saturn, they sent me a box filled with 2 dozen cookies. Oh, and about 1000 cookie-eating-ants. Yup. I'm pretty sure that's the exact opposite of an ipod.

  7. I had no need for any iPod until I was given one. I listen to it twice a day and it makes me happy, oh so very, very happy. I heart the music.