Monday, 14 April 2008

Burn Your Wicked Garden To The Ground

I went to my parents' house yesterday so my dad could do my taxes (yes, I do realize that it's lame that I don't do my own taxes but my dad's an accountant and I'm lazy. That pretty much sums it up.) I brought Stella with me because I was hoping my parents' dog would tire her out. They were running around in the backyard when Stella suddenly started eating something out of the garden. By the time I got it away from her it was unrecognizable - just a small, chewed-up white thing (it looked sort of like chewed-up gum but it had a different texture.) Within a few minutes she was vomiting ... and continued to vomit all evening. She kept it up for a few hours; even when there was nothing left to throw up, she was still dry-heaving. I have no idea what she ate but it's freaking me out. She seemed fine, other than the non-stop vomit-fest. She was full of energy and didn't seem to be in any pain. She'd be running around playing and then all of a sudden stop to vomit. She was really hungry last night so I fed her a bit of kibble and she kept it down, but she wouldn't eat her breakfast this morning (even though her tummy was making hungry, gurgling noises.) Do I take her to the vet? Am I overreacting? After the lump of doom episode (which turned out to be a major overreaction by me,) I'm a little hesitant to take Stella to the vet. At the same time, I don't want to not take her to the vet just because I don't want to look like a Crazy and have it turn out to be something serious.

These past 3 months with Stella have really made me realize how ill-equipped I am to have babies. Not that we were thinking of having babies anytime soon, it's just that I thought that if a baby were to come along we'd be able to handle it. Now? Now I know that if a baby were to come along we would lose our minds.


  1. I doubt you have to rush her to the vet just yet. Give it another day or so, make sure the vomiting has stopped and then once she's hungry enough, she'll be ready to give her food another go.

    Seriously though, I'm not ready (prepared) for kids either.

  2. You're so cute. Puppies vs babies
    (you'd be ready if it happened, but having a dog doesn't prepare you in the least)
    I hope Stella is doing okay.

  3. I think you can wait at least another day.

  4. Hi-

    Can you call the vet and ask what they think?

  5. Aww, poor puppy. Like Ben said, give it another day. If she's still sick, then she might need to be checked out.

    Something like that happened with Fado once. He had been in and out all weekend and kept getting sick...all over the house. I took him to the vet because I thought he ate something funky, they took a stool sample (I'm sure he LOVED that), and sent him home with me with hairball medicine. There was nothing wrong and it cost me almost $100. Boo.

  6. Oh no! Poor little Stella! I'm sure she'll be alright soon, though.

  7. I have had both puppies and babies.

    Puppies ARE babies.

    You will be a great Momma, once the day comes, based on how you "parent" Stella.


  8. Our dog did something similar not too long ago. Ate something off the ground. And got sick in the middle of the night. I was so worried. But, she seemed fine the next day. I'd give her 24-48 hours and if she doesn't get better only then would I take her to the vet.

  9. I agree with Ben. And now I need to read your most recent post to see if you've posted an update.

    I really hope she's okay.

  10. Sounds like a 'shroom is what she ate.