Monday, 23 August 2010

So You Think You'd Like To Be In My Shoes

I'm going to a giant family party on Saturday and I need some guidance in the shoe department. I'm going to be wearing my new purple dress (that has been hanging in my closet for over a month with the tags still attached) but I don't know what shoes to wear.

The dress looks like this:
(please excuse my messy kitchen!)

And I will be wearing this fantastic necklace:
(that I made! All by myself!)

My shoes options are as follows:

Bronze metallic wedge, grey wedge, turquoise cork wedge, black and white heels, brown / cork heels, black strappy heels.

The most comfortable pair is the grey wedge but they're also the lowest / most casual pair. I'm leaning toward the black strappy heels because they're the most comfortable pair of high heels I own but they're still 4-inch stilettos. They're not comfortable shoes, they're the most comfortable high heels I own. An important distinction. Also, (this is really silly but, um, I'm really silly) I'm 5'8" - wearing 4-inch heels makes me feel like a giant. It's not so bad when Shawn is there to make me feel wee but he's working this weekend so I'll be solo. I'm not sure if I want to be a solo giant. All of my high heels are at least 3.5 inches but I feel like the wedges are too casual for the dress. I need help!

What do you think?
a: bronze metallic wedge
b: grey wedge
c: turquoise cork wedge
d: black and white heels
e: brown / cork heels
f: black strappy heels


  1. My first pick is a) bronze metallic wedge. Mainly because I think they are super cute and bronze goes great with purple. My second is for f) black strappy heels.

    I don't know if it helps at all but I LOVE your dress and necklace. Love.

  2. haha i will rate them on how they go with the dress but comfort is not accounted for!! :P


    i absolutely love the dress and the black/white heels!! <3

  3. I'm also voting for F!

  4. When you look as hot as that, wow, who cares what shoes you wear, you can go barefooted as far as im concerned :)

  5. My first choice is the brown with the cork heels - I think they will go great with your necklace. Then comes I like the black & white heels. I too am 5'8" and love 4-5 inch heels. My only issue is my husband is 5'10" and doesn't love when I tower over him.

  6. For cute and comfort, the bronze wedge gets my vote.

    For oooh the black and white get my vote.


  7. Black and strappy all the way. And being naturally tall they'll only make you look even MORE like a supermodel :)

  8. I am a boy, and as such, really have no real knowledge of women's shoes. However, I would vote f or a. I like e but I am not sure they really match the dress and the necklace very well. I can't tell. I actually have a similar problem with the bronze metallic wedge but other women seem to think they are ok.

  9. I love the black and white heels and also the one's you've got on in the picture.

    Killer legs in that dress by the way! (that sounded way creepier than intended.)

    I'm 5'8" too and always waffle about wearing heels. I think you should rock the 4" heel :)

  10. My vote is for the black strappy heels as well. They may be the tallest and most uncomfortable ones, but they're super cute. And doesn't super cute always win out over comfort anyway? ;)

  11. You look amazing in that dress, wow! :)

    I vote F or B - depending on how formal it is. Love your selection of heels!

  12. Heck yes, black strappy heels! You look so fabulous in that picture!

  13. First, love that necklace. :-)

    Second, is this a super dressy thing or could you take it down a notch with one of the wedges? Because both are super cute and comfort is key if you're going to be on your feet a long time. If it's a dressy thing then the black strappy heels make the most sense followed by the brown heels with the cork heel.

  14. First, that dress is amazing! You look fantastic.

    I actually like the teal wedge or the black strappy heel. (And wow you made that necklace? Open an Etsy shop lady!)

  15. a then f. You look smokin' in that dress! It fits you like a glove!

  16. i vote a) for comfort as well! then OMG i love the b&w heels (d) but them f) strappy stilettos are also HOTT and will most definitely work beautifully.

    LOVE that necklace!!

  17. I love the black strappy ones the best, I think. And girl, I'm 5'8" too! Don't worry about being a giant, I do it all the time. I kind of draw the line at platform heels, but I still wear them sometimes!

  18. Sarah: Thanks! I'm drawn to the bronze as well but they're kind of pinchy in the toe area.

    Nirali: I think the black strappy heels go best with the dress too :)

    Sleepyjane: Thanks for your input!

    GW Mush: Thank you.

    Hilary: Awesome name, lady :) Shawn is 6'3" so he doesn't mind when I wear giant heels but he's not going to the party.

    Raven: Thank you! I'm kind of ridiculously proud of the necklace.

    Emily-Jane: Thanks, lady! You're too sweet.

    J: You don't have to have knowledge of women's shoes to have an opinion!

    xoxb: Not creepy at all! Thank you :) The black and white heels are actually my wedding shoes.

    Sharon: Unfortunately, yes.

    Kyla Roma: Thank you! I actually forgot a few contenders (red kitten heels?) so I might do another vote. Though that might be too self-centered, even for me.

    Leanne: Thank you! I'm leaning towards the black strappy heels.

    Sizzle: With my family it could go either way. Dressy and formal-ish or totally WT (we've been known to hold epic bum dart competitions at family gatherings but it's a 50th wedding anniversary so I could see it being a bit more sedate.)

    Shelikespurple: Thank you! The necklace took me 4 hours to make so I doubt I'll be adding it to my etsy shop :)

    K: Thank you :)

    Tia: Thanks, lady. I love how the dress fits.

    Alice: Thank you! I am probably more proud of the necklace than I should be.

    Margarita: Thanks :) I don't know why I'm being a baby about the whole giant thing. I think it's because it's a family gathering and my sisters are so beautiful and I feel like so gangly and awkward next to them.

  19. A or F! A or F! I can't wait to see what you choose, also that dress + necklace combo is KILLER! I'm jealous of your outfit-putting-together skillz!

  20. D or F . . . you obvs can't go wrong with F. But I think D give a little something extra come compliments the necklace really well.

  21. What a super cute dress! I really like the black and white heels. They are so fun!

  22. Smokin' hot dress! And I love the necklace! I would say wear the black strappy heels since the necklace is black, too. If you weren't wearing the necklace, I would say go for the bronze.

  23. I say go for the strappy heels. I'm only an inch shorter than you, but I love wearing high heels. They make me feel long and willowy and pretty. :)

  24. Based on the answers above I guess my suggestion is unconventional, but my first choice is actually C. I love the pop of colour against the dress! And the dress is a dark enough purple to almost be neutral so the bright turquoise is just so much fun to me.

    My second choice is E, I love those shoes too.

  25. i vote on the black and white shoes, so cute.

    and seriously that dress? and the necklace? love it!

  26. E followed closely by F.

    I'm stealing your necklace.


  27. I'm in love with your dress and that necklace (heart it!) and maybe even your figure. You're gonna rock out that dress no matter what shoes you wear with it ... but, my pick is A, the bronze metallic wedge.

  28. A looks best with that dress BUT if you're wearing the black necklace, F coordinates the most.

    I haven't been reading in forever but am catching up and thought I would contribute :)

  29. I feel like I'm in the minority here, but I'm really liking the brown heels!

  30. The black and white heels, the black and white heels! SO CUTE.

    Or the turqouise. But the black and white as definite first choice!

  31. I had to come back for a second look. Yep, Hot babe in a killer dress. Ok, I be good now.

  32. Omgosh, your necklace is FAB. I would've gone with the black shoes.. they look perfect with that shade of perfect. Sassy!

  33. LOVE LOVE LOVE X 54 KABILLION! Love the kitchen, the dress, the necklace, YOU! I vote for black strappy heels. Definitely my first choice. Oh, fabulous!

  34. Love the dress and adore the necklace!! Simply gorgeous! I might be late in commenting but I'd go for the black strappy heels.