Friday, 6 August 2010

If You Can't Sleep I'll Be There In Your Dreams I'll Be There In Your Dreams If You Can't Sleep At All

Friday Faff: Faffier than Ever Edition

Do you remember how Shawn took me atv'ing on sand dunes for my birthday last year? I remember. Oh how I remember. And yeah, I know, it's the thought that counts but what if the thought sucks? I mean, what if someone specifically said "I do not want to go atv'ing on sand dunes for my birthday" - does that person still have to smile while atv'ing on sand dunes? On her birthday? Seriously. I know I sound like a spoilt brat and I don't want to sound like a spoilt brat; there are starving children in Africa who would love to eat my brussel sprouts I know; however, last year's birthday still stings a bit. So when I heard that She & Him were coming to Vancouver in October I may or may not have told Shawn that he should take me for my birthday. And when I found out that the presale started this morning and I couldn't reach Shawn at work I may or may not have bought tickets. Yes, I bought my own birthday present and no, I don't care. I'm going to see She & Him! No atv'ing!

* * * * *
I tried to find a funny anniversary card for Shawn but I failed. All of the anniversary cards I found were all "you are the light of my life! I can't live without your sweet love! My love blooms like a flower for you!" I'm not judging people who buy shmoopy anniversary cards for their loved one, I'm just not someone who can do it with a straight face. So I bought this card:

and wrote this inside:

and that sums up my relationship with Shawn much better than a card with angels and roses on the front and a poem inside.

* * * * *
Wolfgang is knackered from his salacious life of sex, drugs, and rock & roll ...

while Stella channels her inner cat and naps in a sunbeam.

Have a good weekend, lovelies! I hope you manage to fit in lots of naps.


  1. Hah. Buying your own birthday present is really for the best. Especially if the alternative could involve forced smiles :)

    And the pooches? And the card? You're just radiating cute over here.

  2. That card is PERFECT. I have been known to buy a schmoopy card or two in my time (seriously, I think twice) because they just struck me as perfect. But that is rare and typically they are the noise J makes, which is GAK!

    We all need sunbeam naps.

  3. You are hilarious!! I love love love the card :)

    Happy weekend! I'm doing the rain dance!

  4. this is perfect! We buy each other childrens birthday cards for birthdays and just add whatever the appropriate number is. The people at the drugstore think I have a child. *chuckle*

  5. She & him?!? That's perfect! :)

  6. It's been a long time, but glad to see you keeping up with the blogging. Trying to get some time to read this stuff between my studies, but it's difficult with my schedule.

    Keep up the good writing!

  7. We have a very small apartment and my cat and puggle "fight" over who gets the sunbeam when it shows up.

    Just found your blog, enjoying it very much!