Thursday, 12 August 2010

And We Are So Fragile And Our Cracking Bones Make Noise

My summer of fun has been derailed by another case of throat rabies and an additional two weeks of the evil breathing machine. My day started with me doing the ugly cry in my respiratory therapist's office. My day will end with Shawn leaving for three days to play at the music festival, Robin leaving for two weeks to drive across Canada, and my parents leaving to enjoy ten days at the lake. I'm feeling a bit fragile today is what I'm saying.

It's funny. Most days I feel like I've got my shit together. I've got a husband who loves me; I have a condo (and a mortgage!); I own non-Ikea furniture; I have two rotten puppy monsters; I have a well-paying job; I know how to make quiche; all of my towels match. I have all these things that I line up and check off the Grownup List until I convince myself that I am a functioning adult.

And then a day like today happens and all I want is to go home and put on footie pyjamas and crawl into bed and have my mom make me chicken noodle soup (with alphabet noodles because egg noodles are too drippy when you're eating soup in bed.) Cat has been absolutely lovely - making plans with me for tonight and for tomorrow night to make sure I don't shrivel up and die from neediness. The good news is that my antibiotics should kick in soon and I should be able to eat solid food (which always makes me feel less weepy) and a weekend without Shawn means sleeping diagonally in the bed and cuddling with the pups all night. And, of course, the best news is that I don't have any accounting to do this weekend. Things aren't all bad.

* * * * *

Edited to add:

This is why I love the internet (thought not the internet that is preventing Jive Turkey from commenting on my blog.)


  1. Fucking throat rabies. I'm kicking around if you wanna hang out!
    ...I imagine you don't want to do the Grouse Grind on Saturday if you're dying of the death, but I stupidly agreed to do it with some other out-of-shape people, so we plan on spending several hours attempting it!

  2. Oh, hunny bunny. Once your throat rabies gets a little better, I'm pretty sure you'll feel less fragile. It's so hard not to get upset about things when you don't feel well. Plus, I think anyone would be feeling kind of deserted under the circumstances. I think you might need some ice cream.

    Also, all of your towels match?!! You totally win.

  3. boo urns to the death mask.
    yeah-urns to trashy tv and eating ice cream for every meal (cause who is going to know?) just make sure to take out the garbage before husband comes home :)

  4. Meg: You are a sweetheart but I honestly cannot think of one thing I would rather do less than the Grouse Grind. No really, not one thing. I would rather spend my weekend doing chores than climb the Grouse Grind. But thank you!

    Lisa: Right? I was so chuffed when we got the complete set of matching towels for a wedding gift. Matching towels = grownups.

    K-Tee: You know me so well ;)

  5. At least tomorrow is Friday and you will have a weekend in which you can rest and sleep in and watch bad TV and snuggle with your pups. That's surely a recipe for getting better, right? Take care of you...

  6. I'm currently eating a Ruby Jewel (lemon cookie ice cream sandwich with honey lavendar ice cream) on your behalf. I hope the evil throat plague gets better soon!

  7. ugh to all that biznass but hopefully it'll look up and way to still be sort of positive about it all right? right! :)

  8. Feel better soon lady!

  9. Your tonsils are on my shit list.

    If I lived down there, I'd have you and the puppies over for dinner and a movie. Feel better soon, Hills!


  10. That's what happens when you put dirty cock in your mouth.

  11. Why is everyone getting sick right now?

    Ugh, feel better soon!!

  12. Boo! throat rabies.

    Hope you feel better soon and very soon, babe.