Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Are The Things That Make You Panic Are Your Thoughts Results Of Static Cling?

So my throat rabies migrated to my sinuses which has resulted in me being even more sick and less pleasant than last week. I am a treat to be around, all grumpy / snotty / whiny. Shawn is pretty damn pleased to be in Toronto for work this week, let me tell you.

I had to have a sinus X-ray this morning because my doctor tried to look up my nose and, uh, couldn't because of my monster sinuses. I'm unclear on what a sinus X-ray will show because I was too busy freaking out about EAR GERMS IN MY NOSE while my doctor explained it to me (she used the light thingy to look in my ears and then up my nose but didn't change the disposable light funnely tip in between. Like some sort of animal.)

You know, the light thingy? And the disposable light funnely tip? I'm fairly certain those are the proper scientific names.

It gets worse.

I go for my sinus X-ray and find out that it entails me sticking my face directly on the X-ray board. Like the board that everyone mashes their body parts up against to be X-rayed, not some fancy disposable board that only my face will be touching. And we're not talking a little cheek or chin, oh no, we're talking full-on nose and mouth touching the communal X-ray board. The tech wiped it down with Windex (seriously, he couldn't at least use an antibacterial wet wipe? What the fuck good is Windex going to do? I was not concerned about the X-ray board being streaky, you know?) before I stuck my face on it but all I could picture during the procedure was the impressively hairy dude from the waiting room who had gone before me and was there for a chest X-ray.

I'm not a total germaphobe. I take public transit, daily. I shake hands with people I've just met. I use public washrooms. I let my dogs lick my face. I'm okay with a certain level of germiness is what I'm saying. But I'm not okay with potentially ingesting a stranger's chest sweat. Actually, I think I'll modify that to "I'm not okay with potentially ingesting anyone's chest sweat" and call it a day.


  1. Ew. I'm sorry you're not feeling well, but I'm even more sorry that you had to put your face on that gross thing.

    I'm grossed out for you.

  2. That's so nasty... yeesh. But at least it wasn't someone else's snotrocket flying onto your mouth *ahem* :)

  3. I have had my sinuses looked at so many times I don't even flinch when they go directly from ears to nose anymore and don't you know Windex is a cure all? It even kills zits! (My Big Fat Greek Wedding said so! :-) )

    I'm sorry you have the snots too hon. I haven't even bothered going to the doctor this time (I get them so often there is barely a point) but I am soooo going to suffer getting on a plane this weekend with all this crap in my face.

  4. Ick. I am kind of a germaphobe. That might have caused me to have a melt down. Way to be a trooper!

  5. I could probably handle the ear-to-nose thing, since it's my OWN ear and nose, but the x-ray?
    I hope they figure out what's going on with you soon! It's supposed to be SUMMER for you now!

  6. It's not that you are afraid of germs but all those people getting x-rays? POTENTIAL SICK PEOPLE! Like they are just sharing their sick germs with you.

    Windex does not protect against the sick. I know, I was almost a Doctor before I switched to a way easier major.

  7. Duuuuuuuude. That's so sick.

    I really hope you feel batter soon. You've had more than your fair share of The Sick.

  8. The problem with being as smart as you are is you think about stuff like that. Me? It wouldn't even occur to me who was using the x-ray machine last or what their body-washing-deodorizing habits were.

    Be good to you...

  9. I think I broke out in hives just reading this.

    & I hope you start feeling better soon!!!

  10. Hunny bunny! Mega rabies! So terrible! I'm so sorry about that. It makes me want to punch the universe in the ear for you.

    I'm pretty sure that Windex will kill anything, but even so. You know, I never thought about germs years ago when my dad and I were photocopying our faces at the library, and I guess he didn't either. Ew.

  11. Oh, Lord. I would be thinking these very same thoughts, dear. Windex? This is a hospital! Not a green house. WTF. Wishing you a fast recovery. And for the record, you are not allowed to be sick any more. You've had your fair share for quite a while! OX!

  12. First of all they can take xrays of sinuses?? I did not know this.

    And YES they need to wipe it down with antibacterial stuff. GEEZ. WTF?

    I hope they figure what's up with your sinuses and that you feel better soon lovely.

  13. Ohh I love Jason Mraz! Good title choice :)

    Oh and I hope you're feeling better!

  14. Okay, this freaks me out a little. Surely a little of that cool sanitiser stuff goes a long way on a COMMUNAL x-ray thingy? (I don't know if that's the technical term for it.. but you know what I mean.)


    Hope you're feeling much better! x