Monday, 9 August 2010

I'm Not A Large Water-Dwelling Mammal Where Did You Get That Preposterous Hypothesis? Did Steve Tell You That Perchance?

I accidentally got drunk and had a tequila / Flight of the Conchords kitchen dance party on Friday night, making my Saturday study session extremely painful. Saturday was not pretty.

I do this thing where I fret and I worry and I turn semi-stressful events into gigantic, life-altering, worse-case-scenario catastrophes. I don't even realize that I'm doing it until whatever is stressing me out has passed and I can see clearly once again. I wish I knew how to change. Fretting is one of my strengths. How depressing is that?

So my exam is over. It was difficult but I didn't die. I'm fairly confident that I did alright. Not awesome but alright. I was really focused on one aspect of the course that I couldn't wrap my brain around so I spent a lot of my studying time trying to master the concept. And then it was practically non-existent on the exam, showing up in one multiple choice question. Curses!

I'm so happy today even though it's raining and it's Monday and I'm a little achy from drinking wine in the middle of the day yesterday (I went straight from the exam to a mandatory family brunch. The wine was necessary.) Today is the first day of my summer! I have no obligations for the rest of the summer (besides this pesky thing called my job.) I'm a little overwhelmed by the possibilities so I'm turning to you: what should I do with the remainder of my summer, peeps? What is your favourite summer activity? Bonus points if it involves ice cream and/or puppies.


  1. I hate that - when you focus on your weakness and spend too much time trying to work it out - only to learn your weakness isn't all that important in the grand scheme of things. Sigh. I'm glad to hear you did a-ok on your exam. Definitely worth the mid-afternoon glass of wine.

    What do I think you should do with your summer? I think you should drink one glass of wine a day. For you. For me. For summer. Be happy!

  2. I love Flight of the Conchords! Now I'll have "hip-hip-apottomus" stuck in my head all day :) My favorite summer activity is trying out new happy hours. Now that we're officially in the city, I can't wait to do that more.

  3. Go to the BEACH! Don't care what beach, whether it's ocean or lake, or if it's actually beside a river or a creek. Spend some time beside some water. Bring the pups, Shawn, a book, wine in a thermos, or go alone and people watch. Since I'm now back in Vancouver, I plan on doing this as soon as it's a nice day! Happy summer lady!

  4. Yay for being done!! Enjoy your relaxing time :)

  5. Beach. Booze. Both.
    In fact, you should really join me on one of our glorious days! Kits and English bay are close and fun :)

  6. Oh, hoooooray! Exam is done! It's summer!

    It seems to me that you, Shawn, and the pups should all go out for ice cream. Or maybe stay home and make tequila floats. You know, for a little, uh, hair of the dog. Hahahahahaha! Um, yah. I had a challenging weekend.

  7. NO PAINTING. That's no fun.

    More wine and pizza, preferable at the beach, is in order.

  8. I need a fret-ervention these days too, lady <3

    I'm glad that you're through your exams, that's a huge win- and I think there must be both puppy cuddles and ice cream in your future :)

  9. So then both you and I managed to get drunk on Friday night and hurt some on Saturday? I knew we stuff in common!

    I say more ice cream and puppies for you this summer.

  10. (I finally fixed my browser so I can comment on your site again! YAY!)

    Tequila and dance parties both sound like pretty awesome summer activities to me, but if you're looking to branch out a little, I recommend a nice picnic: blanket, big basket of food, bottle of wine - the works.