Wednesday, 20 January 2010

If You Think That You're Strong Enough If You Think You Belong Enough Nice Dream

Shawn and I saw Up in the Air a few nights ago (verdict? I absolutely loved it and that's saying a lot because generally I hate movies.) There's a scene (not a spoiler! don't yell at me!) where George Clooney is firing some dude and he makes a comment about how the fired dude's resume says he went to culinary arts school and then ended up working at whatever giant corporationy job that he's being fired from. George Clooney asks fired guy how much the corporation paid him to give up on his dreams and fired guy replies $27,000.

Shawn has not stopped talking about that scene.

Shawn has played bass since he was a kid. He has been in bands and written his own music and played countless shows in bars. He is talented (yes, I fully admit that I am biased when I say that he is talented and no, I don't care.)

He's also really hot.

When Shawn finished college, he was accepted into a jazz program at a school 100 miles from where he lived (necessitating a move to the city, which meant finding a roommate.) He was also offered a job (in his town) selling electronics with a salary of $30,000 per year. He decided to work for a year to save money and then move to the city to attend the jazz program.

That didn't happen. The money kept flowing so he kept working and put his dreams on hold.

Eight years ago he decided to move across the country to Vancouver to see what the music scene was like. He made friends, found a job, joined a band, and settled into his new life on the west coast. And then he met me.

The last five years have been about buying a home, bringing home puppies, getting married, paying bills. So many bills. We've had a lot of fun but we also grew up a little. There hasn't been much room for dreams lately. Depressing, right?

So we're talking things through, trying to figure out if it's possible for Shawn to return to school. It would mean not moving back downtown. Taking fewer holidays. Reducing the fancy cheese budget (horror!) It could also mean getting rid of the motorcycle (victory!)

It's just a discussion prompted by a movie right now. Maybe nothing will come of it. Or maybe I'll get the chance to support Shawn as he follows his dream. It's selfish of me, sure, but being able to help him achieve awesomeness really appeals to me.


  1. So great! I hope he follows through with going back to school; it would suck for him to regret not going later.

    It's amazing the power that movies can have (when you bring yourself to watch them).

  2. That would be so awesome if he could go back to school!
    I totally understand the lure of money versus going to school-or in my case, BACK to school.

  3. I love the idea of following your dreams. It's scary - so scary I've not done it. But having you to support him while he does would be amazing.

  4. I love that you guys are even talking about it. You do what you love...

  5. that is totally amazing. i'm jealous he has a dream & knows what he wants to be when he grows up..! and having you there to support it is the icing on the cake :-)

  6. I saw the movie this weekend, too, and it really got me to thinking about my own dreams. Good luck to Shawn (and to you!)

  7. You guys should definitely try to make this happen. Plus, getting rid of the motorcycle seems like an added bonus :)

  8. i love when movies actually make you think about your own life. i walked out of that movie with similar thoughts. wondering why i never moved to some random state like i always wanted to and now matt and i are sort of talking about it, haha.

    but i really hope you guys can make that work for shawn and yourselves because that would just be lovely, even if it does mean less cheese.

  9. The suburbs aren't so bad ;) You can come have coffee with me! Good for Shawn for deciding to pursue his dreams! I loved Up in the Air too. :)

  10. I'm all for following your dreams. One day, maybe I'll follow mine.

  11. In 2009 my work went on a retreat and the theme revolved around a John Maxwell book: "putting your dream to the test - 10 questions to see it and achieve it". Seriously - LIFE CHANGING. I recommend it for both of you!! :)

  12. Look I understand you want to be supportive and all, but YOU CAN'T GET RID OF THE CHEESE WOMAN!

    Cheese needs to be worked into the budget somehow. I mean, wouldn't the motorcycle be enough?

  13. I just realized everyone is being supportive and I'm all "DON'T GIVE UP THE CHEESE!" But yay you two for wanting to follow your dreams! You should if you can do it.

    Just DON'T give the cheese.

    (I'm of no help whatsoever.)

  14. I think it's amazing you two are able to consider the options. And I must say that if Shawn does go back to school to follow his dreams, then I want to be one of the first to buy his CD when he becomes famous!

  15. That's super interesting- has he considered working as a session player? A lot of the working musicians I know get tight with recording studios and then play for artists who need back up bands, it's a good way to make cash doing what you love.

    What would he do going back to school to do, by the way? Maybe I am dense, but I don't know that you said, specifically! lol Is it for more jazz training?

  16. I love movies because they do just that. Make you think about your own live.

    Which is probably why I practically bawled while watching "Where The Wild Things Are."

    Good luck with your decisions :)