Friday, 21 August 2009

The Lazy Sunbathers The Sun Burns Through To The Planet's Core And It Isn't Enough They Want More

You guys ... you guys! I bring on the crazy and you all bring out the lovely and here I am, a little verklempt. Thanks for talking me off yet another bloggy ledge. Same time, same place, next month?

I'm having a motherfucker of a day so I am unable to faff about for Friday Faff but let me point you in the direction of awesomeness:

Amanda wants to know: What's your bacon number? (mine is 4)

Lemon Gloria introduces baby Jordan.

Georgia makes me crave bread.

Right. In five hours I will be arriving in my favourite place in BC for three glorious days of sunshine, excessive Pimm's consumption, and hopefully a few bocce tournaments. I am beyond excited. I haven't peed from excitement yet but clearly that is a possibility.

Have a great weekend, lovelies!


  1. have a most wonderful weekend! :)

  2. Have a rad weekend, you deserve it :)

  3. Hello, I'm leaving a comment for you because you have a great site here - I've really enjoyed reading your posts and your pictures are great !

    Thanks for sharing them and have a lovely weekend

  4. You're HERE???

    Hope you're having a blast :)