Saturday, 1 August 2009

She Told Me She'd Love Me Like Fireworks And That's The Way I Like It

Two years ago today, Shawn and I decided to walk down to the beach to watch the Celebration of Light (annual 4-day fireworks show in Vancouver.) Our old apartment was near the beach, so after work we grabbed a blanket and headed down.

We stopped on the way at Fatburger to eat dinner and I remember waiting forever for a table. When we left the restaurant the street was completely clogged. Cars aren't allowed into the West End on firework nights; it was just hoards of people all heading to the same destination.

We decided to screw the beach and watch the fireworks from our apartment. The view wasn't as clear as it would be from the beach, but we could put up with a few highrises in the way if it meant not having to deal with the gongshow on the beach.

We stopped at True Confections to pick up dessert. I got the lemon cheesecake. Shawn had something chocolatey. Because I always get the lemon cheesecake and Shawn always gets something chocolatey.

When we got home we sat in bed and watched the fireworks outside our window and ate our yummy desserts and Shawn asked me to marry him.

I don't remember all the sweet things he said but I do remember being so verklempt by the situation that I only managed to choke out "I guess so" as my answer. Yes, I said I GUESS SO when Shawn asked me to marry him. I will never live that down.

And then we took this horrible-quality picture that I love because I was so happy and (I'm assuming) Shawn was so happy and we have this horrible-quality picture to remind us of it. The end.


  1. This is such an "Awwwww" post.

    Seriously, this was freaking awesome. So romantic!

  2. this is SUPER SWEET. aw. hee. yay. :-)

  3. Awwww! So super sweet.

    Beautiful pictures, most especially the last one. :)

    Hope you're feeling better lady!

  4. First things first, I love Ben Lee and thus love the title of this post.

    Second things, well, second: cutest proposal story! You guys look so happy in that photo, it's really lovely.

  5. Aww, that's such an awesome story! I love it! :)

    I don't blame you at all for avoiding the beaches. I haven't been in several years, and would really love to go again, as fireworks are like my favourite thing ever, but I refuse to brave the crowds. At least this year it looks like I can watch it streaming from my computer. LOL. Gotta love technology!

  6. Congrats!!

    My fiance and I also avoided the gongshow on the beach this year - it's gets stupider every year we go the fireworks.

  7. aww! <3 Happy engage-iversary!

  8. Um, adorable much?
    That being said, best response to a proposal EVER!

  9. This is definitely an "aaawwww" post. I love it.

  10. Aw, for sweet. That's a great engagement story.

    I took a horrible-quality picture of us right after I found out I was pregnant. Seriously, we look like we just spent 14 hours in a bus station. Major life events must have some sort of negative effect on cameras.

  11. Aww, that is super sweet! =)

  12. And you'll have that horrible-quality picture of the two of you until the end. But, it's full of sweetness - of the lemon-chocolate and engagement variety!

  13. Happy Engagement Anniversary! One of my two bffs from college just got engaged on Saturday night!!! Wheee love is in the air :-)

  14. Ben Lee lyrics, very good choice.

    LOL. Did you shrug your shoulders too? Cutie.