Sunday, 23 August 2009

And I Can Throw A Volkswagon A Whole Half Block

I went to a car show last weekend with Shawn because being married to Shawn sometimes means doing stupid shit that I don't care about. It's okay though, because this week Shawn is going to learn that being married to me sometimes means going to see The Time Traveller's Wife.

Anyway. The car show. The main reason I went was that Shawn's band played a few sets. I love watching Shawn rock out. I'm a bit of a groupie, I won't lie.

The dogs did not behave at the car show. Wolfgang barked at every single dog we encountered and Stella tried to roll in every stinky thing she could find.

Bringing the dogs was worth it though, if only because I managed to get what is possibly my favourite photo of Wolfgang ever:

He's cruisin' in his V-dub, yo.


  1. Waitwaitwait...
    You're married to a rock star?
    +100 Awesome Points

  2. Ha! Wolfgang has so much attitude it's silly- love him!

  3. Hahaha! I love that last picture! So did you guys get Wolfgang the car to go around cruising in?

  4. Hillary

    Have you mised me?

  5. haha love that last pic, so cute.

  6. That last photo made my day. MADE MY DAY.

  7. Frame that pic. Nay! Blow that pic up to poster proportions and THEN frame it. And then mail it to me. Thanks.