Wednesday, 2 September 2009

I Run A Comb Across My Head I Wish My Hair Would Settle Down

Things are getting much too serious around these parts so obviously we need to talk about my hair.

A while back, the lovely Whoorl featured me on Hair Thursday. She came up with two options and asked her readers to vote. Which is great because I am indecisive and clearly have no idea what to do with my hair. The problem? Fifty percent of the people who voted like option #1

... and fifty percent like option #2.
So I'm leaving it up to you. What should I do with my hair? Cut it short or grow it long? This is my hair as of this morning:

A few things to note:

This picture was taken pre-coffee so be gentle.

I have hideous split ends right now because I have refused to have my hair cut since my $20 monstrosity of a haircut. Also, since then I have worn my hair in a ponytail pretty much every day because I don't want to deal with it.

I like Patricia Arquette's bangs and am trying to convince myself to go for it. I'm hesitant because I feel like bangs are a lot of work. Thoughts?

I have not had my hair coloured since July 2008 because I was really tired of fighting with my stylist (who I have now broken up with, so it's no longer a problem) about how blonde I should be (his opinion? Blonde! my opinion? not so blonde.) I'm interested in colouring my hair again but am unsure what direction to take. My hair is naturally a light brown/dark blonde so it's very easy to go lighter. But I'm intrigued by the thought of having dark hair. Is dark hair too much for my light complexion?

This is what I usually go for when I colour my hair:

jennifer anniston Pictures, Images and Photos

But I was thinking something more along the lines of this:

Zooey Deschanel Pictures, Images and Photos

I'm overwhelmed by the possibilities.


  1. Wow, I'm kind of impressed that everyone who took that poll agrees with me.

    I also feel the need to mention that it's ridiculous how much you and Patricia Arquette look alike. Seriously.

    Bangs are easy, and shape your face so nicely. Seriously. 10 seconds of blowdrying (if I'm in a rush, it's pretty much all I do to my hair) and you're set.

  2. DEFINITELY cut some bangs. They are not hard to maintain at all. I promise (I've had mine for a long while now, trimmed every couple of months which your hair stylist should do for free by the way).

    I think you look good with both long and short hair, but you do need a bit of shape to it. The short hair is "in" right now so to speak and I have to be honest, it's looking smashing on many ladies (including me *ahem*).

    I would so go a little dark or a little lighter. But not the extreme in either direction.

    And lady, you are a doll!!

  3. I am a fan of the side bangs. I have big forehead, so they do a nice job covering it up. Plus if they get too annoying, I can tuck them behind my ear and they blend in with the rest of my hair. Side bangs would be cute on you.

    I think you would also look cute with dark hair. Now that fall is approaching, it could be fun do go with a chocolaty brown. I used to have blonde hair, and I love my dark hair so much more. It doesn't require as much maintenance.

  4. I voted go short and go dark. But, I have two caveats to that ...

    (1) Go short on an angle, not the same length all around. I think it'd be cool to do it slightly longer in front and shorter in back (though don't make the mistake Kate of Jon and Kate + 8 made).

    (2) Go darker, but do it multi-dimensionally. If you can swing it, have a few layers of a color close to what you have now as well as a darker color. That way, it's not such a drastic departure from where you are now.

    (3) Go with some fringe (stylists around here no longer call them bangs). It could be layered fringe just to give you some more detailing around your face. (And yes, I realize this is a third thing when I said I'd only do two - consider it bonus footage! ha)

    Take before and after pictures for us to see. Can't wait to hear your decision!

  5. I suck at helping people with their hair decisions, because I stink at deciding what I should do myself. :)

    Anyway, I voted for long and a little bit lighter with layers. I love the first picture, and think you'd look fabulous with similar looking hair. I agree with the others who suggested bangs.

    Good luck deciding!

  6. Darker would be so pretty! I think you should grow it long, but that's because I always have major regrets when I chop off my hair. Either way would be cute, though.

  7. Bangs are easy and they can make even a ponytail look pretty! And I am stuck where you are - I want a change, and I want to grow my hair out but that means having to be patient. If I cut it, I get a brand new look right away! As far as colour goes, now is the time to go dark if you want to try it and it's just colour, you can always go back!

    Good luck!

  8. Shorter. Darker. Bangs. Perfect! Patricia's side swept bangs are not that different than what you almost have now. Product and a flat iron can help too.

    You've got a great face so why hide it behind long hair? CHOP!

  9. I am not a woman and have no real idea but I had a best friend who is a woman in your position and she cut it shorter and got bangs and *hated* them. And when I say hated, I mean it.

    They were always annoying her. So, whatever. I think you could go shorter. Not sure about color. Good luck!

  10. Here's the thing, your face is kind of oval/rectangular, and the shorter cut accentuates that.

    That's why I vote for longer hair that you will then wear curly like the Gossip Girl (that's who that is, right?).

    I am not voting on the coloring because I do this weird thing where I look at people and see the color underneath the hair dye, so it doesn't matter to me.

  11. Be sure to post pictures when you decide what to do :)

  12. Hi Hillary,

    It all depends, do women dress for men or for women?

    If you want to appeal to me, disregard what the women are telling you and consider my opinion.

    First, you are a beautiful young woman. I think you should keep your hair the same length or grow it longer.
    Now with longer hair and being a beauty, that is enough right there, fussing with hair color is optional.

    I would be interested in seeing you with darker hair simply cuz I havent seen that look on you and wonder how it would look.

    Any color on a beautiful woman like you is plenty good.

    Now if you dress for other woman and compete or whatever that stuff is all about, well disregard what I have just said.
    P.S. You have a little blue paint on the tip of your nose:)

  13. I have a crazy mop of hair, and you want MY opinion?

    If anything, do bangs. They'd look great on you and I can't have I'll live vicariously through you.

  14. i say if you don't like messing with your hair too much go shorter, i always go shorter and love it.

  15. I think it depends on your hair type. It looks like you have thin hair. If so, find a cut that helps give it body. Does your hair get greasy easily? If so, run FAR FAR away from bangs, as they will always look nasty except right out of the shower. I'm ambivalent on going darker or lighter. I say try lighter for summer, darker for fall/winter.

  16. Ha! I also voted the option the majority of everyone else voted.

    I agree with the above about oily hair. But if you don't and you're still considering bangs I'd say go for it. I've had mine for ages and they're easy to manage if you know how. :)

  17. I have a similar hair colour to yours and decided to go deep brunette in January 2008 ... while it was fun, it was difficult to maintain (blond roots on brunette make me think it looks like I'm balding) and hell to go back to my natural colour (resulted in red hair for almost a year which I finally cut off when long enough ... I'm still growing out that short cut).

    But, I definitely encourage experimentation :)

  18. I'm struggling too with cut it or grow it. Seems I get to this point in length, hate it so I cut it and I love it but then I want to grow it. Neverending cycle.

    Cut it. Darker or lighter will look good I think. Can't wait to see what you decide!

    Oh and you look fab pre-coffee!

  19. I cast my vote for long and lighter. Am I projecting my desire to grow my own hair longer? Possibly.

  20. PS- Cut it short and go darker so we can be twins! lol

    I wouldn't go with layers because your hair looks thin and it could be a handful to do in the morning- bringing it up could be fun, and going even just a little darker blonde could help transition you.

    Just watch your skin tone when you're looking at how dark you're going- I try to stay on the golden side of things even in the browns. What looks good in September when I have some skin tone looks scary in December when I've reverted back to Ultra Pale, and if you want to lighten up it's much more of a process to pull the dye out of your hair.