Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Just Shots Of Light And Broken Bike To Stimulate Your Busy Head

I was fretting about the motorcycle to a very wise lady yesterday and she told me that I am only making myself feel bad and that I should trust the universe. Which is a very simple concept, right? I mean, I can fret and worry and work myself into a tizzy, but at the end of the day, what's going to happen is going to happen. Zen people tend to freak me the fuck out so it was a bit odd that I was so accepting of her attitude. But I'm trying. I will try to trust the universe. I will try to trust Shawn. He has been as supportive of my crazy as he can be, without agreeing to give up the motorcycle (which, let's face it, is the only thing that will make the crazy disappear) so I will try to be supportive of his stupidity. (Hey, I said I'm trying.)

Instead of focusing on the things that are making me blue, I'm trying to focus on the things that make me happy. You know what makes me happy? Bullet points!

- How I Met Your Mother. I love this show. I love that Shawn loves this show. Our taste in television differs widely so I'm very glad to have found a show that we both enjoy. Last night's episode was hilarious. Tuxedo night? Classic.

- Road trips. In two weeks, Shawn and I will be embarking on a road trip with another couple. We are going to drive from Vancouver to Magic Mountain in California. The details are a little fuzzy right now but I have been promised a drive through the redwoods and at least half a day in San Francisco. So, Californians: is there anything we need to do, any restaurants we need to eat at (we're talking burgers and tacos here, nothing fancy), anything we'll be kicking ourselves if we miss? This road trip will be quick and dirty. We leave Wednesday night and have to be back by Monday night.

- Puppies. Stella will be finished her medication tonight and by tomorrow she will (hopefully) be back to normal. She has been so lethargic and grumpy while on this medication but it does seem to be helping her ear. I'm going to be very happy to not have a drugged-up puppy tomorrow.

What's making you happy today?


  1. Hooray for HIMYM! That's an awesome show! Loved the last shot of Barney & Robin at the end of the episode. :)

    Definitely check out In 'N Out for good burgers. I'm sure you've heard of it. I remember going there a couple times when I was younger, and if I'm ever back in CA again, I'll for sure be going.

    What's making me happy today is the knowledge that I will be in Vegas in exactly one month from today! Woohoo!!

  2. In 'N Out for good burgers!!

  3. Sweets loves him some Monday night TV. Though I tend to steer clear from 1/2 hour comedies, HIMYM is a hilarious show. If it wasn't for him, I'd never give it a chance.

    Your trip to California sounds really lovely. And you know what ... on trips like that, it can sometimes be fun to make last-minute calls on what to do. Just let the Universe guide you (hahaha).

  4. You HAVE to go to Oggi's Pizza & Brewery! I get the "March Madness" Pizza which is mozzarella, fontina, parm, feta & a little goat cheese. AND the crust is brushed w/ a garlic olive oil...it is beyond good. Seriously, I dream about this pizza! I'd marry it if i could ;)

  5. Motorcycles are fun! My fiance has one (had 2 before) and I was scared at first, but I love taking rides with him now! :)

  6. I don't know anything about California restaurants, except that I do love In 'N Out Burger.

    Things that are making me happy? Hmmm... I'm taking a trip to Goodwill after work to unload a bunch of no-longer-useful stuff. Achilles agreed to get rid of a college logo mirror (for a college he didn't attend). Progress!!

  7. Magic Mountain is one of the greatest places, especially if you're a roller coaster freak like me. There are some AWESOME rides there.

    If you can, you MUST drive down the coast and through the redwoods. I would recommend taking I-5 through Washington and most of Oregon, then cutting across to the coast in Grant's Pass, OR to head out to Crescent City. This will get you right in the thick (literally) of the Redwoods. Then continue down 101 and you'll go through wine country and into SF. It is an absolutely gorgeous drive. I've done it a million times (as a kid, and just this past March with Andy). You will not be disappointed!

  8. oh man i love how i met your mother. it's one of the few shows that matt and i both love. the whip was hilarious! and tuxedo night, so classic.

  9. wait i didn't mean to hit enter!

    you're coming to california! woo! i'm so excited for you guys. i love magic mountain, seriously so fun. and i know someone already said it, but i highly recommend in-n-out and then just about any place for mexican food, we do it so well here, haha. and um i don't know where else, but yay road trip.

  10. What an amazing trip, have fun! And I agree with the Zen lady- if you can, it's best to deal with things as they happen. I tend to live my life too much in the future of What If's and Maybe's but pulling back is always a huge relief.

  11. uh, well, you should probably visit the children's literacy / pirate supply shop.

  12. I am from NY but live in SF for five years now, and can not recommend ANY pizza on the West Coast.

    In n Out is nothing great, IMO. If you're going to be in SF and want burgers, go to the Ferry Building that's on the SF Bay, and eat burgers at Taylor's Refresher (they serve beer, wine, etc.).

    I've heard great things about driving through Grants Pass, btw.

  13. That will be an amazingly fun trip and you SO need it!

    Being zen is not a forte of mine at all. I envy people who can be so zen and just let things be.

    Still though, I think Shawn is going to be just fine!

  14. If you come through Portland at any meal time, I'd love to meet up! I can certainly find a fantastic place to go.

    Ditto the idea about the redwoods. Just beautiful.

  15. I just saw your blog mentioned on "The Most Bangable Blog Babes" blog.

  16. I only have eight days of work left. Word.

  17. You should definitely hit up the Ferry Building (http://www.ferrybuildingmarketplace.com/)in San Francisco. There are some amazing little foodie shops there. Plus the burgers at Taylor's are amazingly good.

    If you have time while you're in San Francisco, try the pizza at Pizzeria Delfina (www.pizzeriadelfina.com) in the Mission neighborhood. It's to die for.

    And if you're still not full, then check out Pancho Villa Taqueria (http://panchovillasf.com/) while you're still in the Mission. It's a SF institution and should not be missed.

  18. You're coming to my home!! That's so rad! Take the 101 down from San Francisco - it'll take you longer to get to Magic Mountain, but it's totally worth it. My favorite stops off the 101 are Cambria (they have this delicious place called Lynn's), and Solvang (Danish bakeries! Woo!).

    Then, you can take the 126 to Santa Clarita once you get to Ventura, or you can keep going and take PCH from Oxnard to Santa Monica. You'd pass my house if you did that one, so if you do, wave when you get to Topanga Canyon! :-)

    Also - In & Out, of course. If one of your guys is really hungry, have him get the 4x4 Animal Style. YUM.

    Have fun! Can't wait to hear your stories!

  19. Oh, and P.S. I would freak out about the motorcycle, too. Though, sometimes they are super sexy. Maybe try to see the sexy side and not the scary side?

    And P.S.S. I LOVE HIMYM too! My Sean and I watch it together and it's hilarious. I hope I'm not the only one who's super excited about Barney and Robin!

  20. If you're looking for a cheap but yummy meal in San Francisco I highly recommend a the Westfield Mall food court near Union Square. There's a kiosk called Coriander that makes inexpensive thai food that's a bit better quality than the average mall food court.