Wednesday, 12 August 2009

It's The Eye Of The Tiger It's The Thrill Of The Fight Risin' Up To The Challenge Of Our Rival

In response to The Discovery Channel's Shark Week, Maxie and Jenn have declared this Tiger Week.

There are many reasons why I prefer tigers to sharks (#1: tigers don't give me nightmares) but as I'm feeling rather sporty today (hockey pre-season starts in one month!) I thought I'd keep this sports-related.

Tigers -vs - Sharks: Sports Edition

When thinking of sports, what pops into your head when someone mentions tigers? Tiger Woods, described on Wikipedia as ranked "among the most successful golfers of all time." It's Wikipedia, people. Wikipedia does not lie.

And when someone mentions sharks? The San Jose Sharks, a hockey team that has never won the Stanley Cup (for non-hockey fans, winning the Stanley Cup is like winning the Super Bowl or ... whatever it is when you win the baseball.)

Let's recap:

Tiger Woods? Champion.

San Jose Sharks? Not champions. At all.

Tiger > Sharks

That is all.


  1. AMEN. There's also a picture of Tiger Woods making tiger hands floating around somewhere... I think a Minneapolis newspaper? Whatever, it's awesome. And make sure you enter our contest!

  2. What about the Detroit Tigers? :)

  3. Yessssss!

    p.s. what hockey team do you follow? red wings all the way, baby!

  4. Good point. Sharks can suck it.

  5. i think that's a pretty excellent and scientific point. can't go wrong there.

  6. Aw, be nice to the poor Sharks. It's not their fault they suck. Besides, they could be twice as good as they are now and they would still fall short of the glory of the Detroit Red Wings.

  7. Tigers > Sharks made my morning.

  8. Imagine if Tigers had gills?

    ...they'd basically take over the world.