Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Eat 'Em Up L Chill

By now, I'm assuming everyone has seen the "Starting with the letter..." business but just in case, the rules are as follows:

If you want to participate, leave a comment on this post and I will assign you a letter. You then write about 10 things you love that begin with your assigned letter and post them on your blog. When people comment on your posted list, you give them a letter and the chain continues on and on.

Marie was kind enough to assign me the letter "L" (I was worried I would get Q or X.)
(all of my pictures are from photobucket)

1. London, England

I went to England when I was twenty-one and stayed for a year and a bit. I can't really describe my love for England, except to say that right away it felt like home and has continued to feel like my second home. Meeting fabulous people (hi peeps!) certainly helped but it was more than that. The food and language (I love British slang and try to incorporate it into my daily life, particularly when I'm driving) and architecture and music (I have quite the boner for British bands) and history (the pub I worked in was older than, um, Canada) all combined to create this lovely place that I felt (and still feel) a connection to. It was hard to leave England and every couple of months I try to convince Shawn that we should move there.

london Pictures, Images and Photos

2. Lemons

I love the taste of lemons. I love lemon pie, lemon squares, lemon curd - if it's lemon, i will love it. I also love the scent of lemons. I'm not a big perfume person, but if I could find one that smelled like lemons? I'd be a very happy lady.

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3. Limes

I love limes (I am pretty sure I will always be scurvy-free.) There is nothing better than a big slice of lime in a cold gin & tonic. Except, maybe, a slice of key lime pie.

Key Lime Pie Pictures, Images and Photos

4. Law & Order

I will always choose Special Victims Unit over the other two Law & Orders (because Elliott Stabler is my boyfriend) but I love them all. Shawn complains daily about the plethora of Law & Order reruns on the pvr. He doesn't understand why I need to watch ten-year old episodes. I don't understand how he can hate Law & Order.

Law & Order: SVU Pictures, Images and Photos

5. Lipsmackers Dr. Pepper

I am not a fan of lipstick. It's a bit too fussy for daily use so I stick to lip gloss. The most low-maintenance being Lipsmackers Dr. Pepper (I do own grown-up lip glosses by Clinique and MAC and whatnot, but I like a lip gloss that I can apply without a mirror.) I don't like the drink Dr. Pepper but the Lipsmackers Dr. Pepper tastes like cherries. And it actually does have a bit of colour in it so I feel like I'm (sort of) wearing makeup.

lipsmackers Pictures, Images and Photos

6. LaMontagne, Ray

One of my favourite musicians of all-time. His lyrics are beautiful and his voice is so emotive.

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7. Little Songs by David Usher

David Usher's first solo album. Contains two of my favourite songs "St. Lawrence River" and "Forestfire."

David Usher Pictures, Images and Photos

8. Lorelai Gilmore

Oh how I loved the Gilmore Girls. It is my goal to one day own the entire season on dvd so I can watch it from start to finish. It was a sad day when the show ended (and it wasn't helped by the fact that the finale was a bit meh.)

Gilmore Girls Pictures, Images and Photos

9. Linden, Trevor

My favourite Canuck player. He retired last year but I'm hoping to see him become part of the coaching staff.

Trevor Linden Pictures, Images and Photos

10. Le Creuset

I don't actually own any Le Creuset cookware but when I am a Fancy Lady, my kitchen will be stocked. There something about the sturdy pieces in bold colours that really appeals to me.

Le Creuset on corner shelf Pictures, Images and Photos


  1. Oooh - I like this idea! I have nothing interesting to write about today, so I'd love to participate!

    I love pretty much all your "L's" - especially London, Linden and Lorelai Gilmore!

  2. I miss Gilmore Girls, too. If this were my list, I would have included Lane as a separate item since she and Mrs. Kim were awesome.

  3. Oh man. If there's a bad Lip Smackers, I haven't encountered it. I, too, am a fan of the $2 lipgloss... who says make-up has to be real? (And remember, I'm the girl who sleeps in eyeliner!)

  4. oooooh my fancy lady kitchen will so be stocked with le creuset as well. it just feels so.. i don't know, solid. and good. and pretty.

    british slang really is superior, isn't it? i picked some up when i was living in france (but spending all my time with brits) and it's definitely still in the rotation :-)

  5. A simply wonderful list, if I do say so myself. I'm naming my future daughter Lorelai. Seriously. I tell Andrew this all of the time. There will be no stopping me. (So he better pray for all boys.)

    Aaaaannnd... I ruined Andrew's Valentine's Day surprise for me when I found out Ray LaMontagne will be playing a show near Pittsburgh in April. He's buying us tickets as soon as they go on sale! Boo-ya!

  6. Bethany has a lemon tree in her yard. FRESH LEMONS. So cool.

  7. Gilmore Girls did end on a "meh" note didn't it? I thought I was the only one who thought so.

    Love London too! I did a summer abroad there with my university and had a blast!

    Great list!

  8. I love that your list included Lorelai Gilmore & Linden...I cried both at the series finale & the tribute to Linden. I think most girls could relate to & wanted to be more like the Gilmore girls. And you're right that series finale was meh, it should've gone at least 1 more season!

  9. I love your letter! And lemons and limes. Any citrus, really. :) My letter is "O" and I only have about 3 things listed so far. Who knows how long it might take me to get 10!

  10. Lime juice is my favorite food! I add it to everything. I have even made lime juice cookies. They're delicious.

    I love your other L's too, especially Ray LaMontagne.

  11. What a great idea! I would like to get in on this one :)

  12. I love your list & your blog! I just did the letter G over at my blog, but I think there are a lot more things I like with the letter L. AND i'm dying for a Le Creuset of my very own (in light green please).

  13. i'm in. but try not to give me a shiteous letter. thanks.


  14. They have drink-flavoured Lipsmackers now?! I thought Lipsmackers had disappeared - maybe that's just in Australia though.

    I can't get over the idea of Dr Pepper Lipsmackers. Overseasland is crazy.

  15. I'm in!

    Also? We may have to fight over Elliot. I watch SVU every night while I wash the dishes!

  16. We have that same big blue Le Creuset pot. LOVE IT!

  17. One year for our anniversary my ex-boyfriend got me the whole Gilmore Girls series on DVD. Amazing. I've been slowly watching them in order, and I just finished disc one of season seven. I'm kind of sad my extended marathon is almost over.

  18. Ooo...assign me a letter, London-and-lemon-loving-lady.

  19. Me, me! I want to play! (I love lemon, too)

  20. I want to play too!

    And I also love Law & Order SVU because of Stabler. Meow!

  21. I'm going to London in March! Let me know if there are any places I must go to.

    Also, regarding Gilmore Girls, when I was young my dad called me Lorelai because I guess it was like Lauren. I thought I was so cool, a nickname no one else had! And then Gilmore Girls. Sigh.

  22. Hi, I´m Angela from Colombia and of course my culture is quite different to British culture but... I MISS ENGLAND, I MISS LONDON as well...
    I agree with you, many things are very special.