Monday, 2 February 2009

Baby I Wanna Let My Hair Down

Dudes! Thanks for all the nice words on Friday's post! The dress and tights are both from JCrew. The large calf muscles are due to years of dance and baseball (the cute bum, rippled abs and toned back are all long gone but the huge calf muscles remain, dammit.) The hair ... well I wanted to give you guys a close-up, I really did. I didn't have my camera at work though and by the time I got home, the headband had been ditched and I was rocking a simple ponytail. I think I might have a large head to go along with my large calf muscles; headbands start to annoy me after about an hour. I will try to recreate the hair without a visual:

First I parted my hair on the side. I then put a headband on, making sure to lift the headband up and over the front of my hair so I didn't mess up the part. Then I gently shook my hair out, to get rid of the side-part behind the headband. I pulled my hair up into a loose ponytail but didn't pull my hair all the way through on the last loop, creating a loop of hair. I pushed two bobby pins up through the bottom of the loop of hair, pushing my hair up to create a ridge of hair up against the headband. The ridge sort of creates the illusion of volume without actually having to tease my hair or add hair product. Next time I do it to my hair I'll take a picture and post it here.

I don't have pictures of my hair but I do have pictures of my puppies:

the cuteness that is Stella

the face wrinkles kill me

"erm, please can you stop taking pictures and just let me sleep?"

Wolfgang: not the smartest puppy in the world but definitely one of the cutest


  1. Awwww! Cute puppies! Cuties!!!

    I'm sorry, did you say something else? I can't stop looking at those adorable pups.

  2. I'm a bit slow and can't figure out the hair. Oh well, I guess I better go look a the cute puppies some more :D

  3. Your puppies make me so happy! I'm hopeless when it comes to hair, but I may try to re-create yours. I will probably fail miserably.

  4. I'm sorry I missed the last post, but I love the puppies ;)

  5. i'm with meg... i'm totally going to need a visual. perhaps with pictures @ each step? :-)

  6. I love your puppies - And somehow I missed your outfit post so let me take the time here to say: WOW! So cute!

  7. Puppehs!!!

    I also missed the Outfit Post (I blame time zone differences) so would like to pull a Kyla Bea and toss some props your way. Tres le cute!

  8. I want to squeeze Stella. And kiss her and hug her.

  9. Can't go wrong with puppy pictures! :)

    The hair sounds cool! I can't to the headband thing though, annoys me after a few minutes. I don't even last an hour. haha