Monday, 23 February 2009

Distracted By Irrelevance The Stress And The Tension

Big things are happening right now. Big, stressful things that I can't really talk about right now.

Oh, and before anyone asks, no I am not pregnant. Just because I am a newlywed doesn't mean that I'm gagging to procreate. (Except that, um, last week I thought I might be pregnant. And that was contributing to the Big! Stressful! things. But it's okay, Saturday morning I peed on a stick and three horrible minutes later, Shawn and I high-fived enthusiastically and repeatedly when only one line showed up instead of two.)

So, right. Big stressful (non-pregnancy related) things are happening.

I knew that I was stressed (the headaches and stomachaches and the completely bizarre cryings jags tipped me off. What constitutes a completely bizarre crying jag? Crying because your puppy has toenails. The toenails didn't scratch me, or Stella, or anything else. It wasn't because I had to cut the toenails (though that does suck.) The crying was due to the fact that Wolfgang is a skinny puppy. No matter what we do, he stays skinny. We increased his food intake. We put him on a high-protein food. We feed him treats like nobody's business. And yet, he is rail-thin. But his toenails! They don't stop growing! His toenails grow freakishly fast. And this is what the crying was about - I feel like all the effort we put into making Wolfgang gain weight is directly related to how fast his toenails grow. Like the extra protein in the high-protein puppy food is making him grow monster claws instead of a round puppy belly. And so, the crying.)


I didn't realize how stressed I was until just now. I went out to grab lunch and ended up in the drugstore. I was on my cell with Shawn so I wasn't really paying attention to what I was buying - I just went up the food aisle and threw a few things in my basket, paid, and left. I just got back to the office and opened my bag to see what I bought. I give you, my lunch:

1 bag pretzels
1 package of licorice
1 package of those yummy cream cookies with the red jelly centre
1 bag roasted, salted almonds
1 Skor bar
1 Coke

Yes, I'll take my stress with a side of diabetes and high blood pressure, please.

I have a Big! Stressful! potentially life-changing meeting in one hour and if I eat this lunch, I will die. I'm thinking I should eat the almonds for the protein and drink the Coke for its sweet, glorious caffeine and leave the rest. There's a pot of yogurt in the fridge that I can steal (and replace tomorrow - I know my office etiquette) and I think that will tide me over until I grab some real food. The problem is that when I'm stressed, I crave sugary foods (clearly.) The candy is calling my name. I can't resist!


  1. Good luck! I'm totally with you on craving sweets when I stress. And then I bake to soothe those cravings. And then my clothes stop fitting. And then I stress more. And the cycle continues.

  2. Oy. Hope the meeting goes OK, and that your stomach is fine.


  3. I'd go for the pretzels, but that's just my personal preference. Good luck!

  4. I always crave junk when I'm stressed. I hope things turn out okay.

    Just FYI - my best friend had 3 false negatives before she got a positive.

  5. Has anyone ever told you that you sound a little stressed? :-)

    I hope your meeting goes well.

  6. July Bug: Yes! It is a vicious cycle.

    Angella: Thank you :) I need to stop being such a wiener.

    Lindsay: Oh don't you worry - the pretzels will be devoured after the meeting.


    J: Who, me?

  7. Good luck with the meeting. If all else hide the Skor bar in your desk for a future emergency situation. Like breakfast tomorrow.

  8. Dear Hillary,

    Please gchat with me this evening (or afternoon if you want to go by your crazy ass time zone) so I can fix you. Thanks.


  9. Thinking good thoughts for you and hoping your meeting goes well! Take a deep breath.

  10. Hope all goes well at the meeting! Just remember to breath.

  11. Little bit of full fat plain yogurt with the puppy's food every day will help him keep some weight on. If he is sickly thin, make it cottage cheese for a while, then switch to yogurt to maintain.

    I don't think I have ever actually commented your blog before, Hillary, but I've been lurking for a while. Figures I'd show myself to be the dog nerd that I am when the time came.

  12. the psychologist in me must say something.

    Research indicates individuals who self-regulatory resources are depleted tend to also have depleted levels of glucose (sugar). When those same individuals who are ego-depleted then have a candy bar (sugar) the self-regulatory resources and the faculties effected by those systems are restored to near baseline levels.

    Nerd aside...I'm eating icecream at least once a night now...not to mention 5 cups of coffee, and only two meals. I think I'm on my way to the grave muchhh faster.

  13. Oh, the stress was shooting out of my monitor as I read this! It made me all clenchy!

    One, I am glad glad glad you are not preg. Relief. Two, I think the toenails are a positive sign. I mean, I completely understand the crying, I do, and it's good to get it out, no matter what the trigger. But here's my rationale. They're protein, and you feed and treat him really well, so I would think that the fast-growing toenail issue means he's healthy. And I'm going to stop numbering here because I'm about to annoy myself. BUT. I hope things get a whole lot less stressful after the meeting. I hope the crying and the crazy conglomeration of deliciously high salt high sugar treats helped.

  14. Oh my gosh! I hope the meeting goes well - and I hope that the Big Stressful Things end up being positive!

  15. Ack, good luck friend! Please update us ASAP!

  16. Hope the meeting went well!

    And wow, interesting choices for lunch. Though I love those cookies as well!

  17. Hey, at least you only crave sweets when you're stressed. Me, I crave sweets all the time. It's an awful way to live.

    On a more serious note, I'm thinking big, grand, very good thoughts for you ... and hope they translate into your real life!

  18. I love Skor bars and I am glad you're not preggo. I had a scare like that about a month ago and was TERRIFIED.