Monday, 23 June 2008

Your Life Is Marked By Numbers And Symbols

And the winner is ...

stripes! Shawn conceded defeat this morning. That's right, Shawn is a solid kind of guy while I am Miss Stripey McStriperson.

The other winner is...

Ben! (and I only counted his vote once, even though he presented a valid argument for having 4 votes.)

I took all the comments and entered them into a list randomizer. I tried to put a picture of it here but I couldn't figure out how. Don't judge me - it's Monday and my brain hasn't kicked into gear yet. This is the week I've decided to cut back on my caffeine intake. It's not pretty. I've been at work for 2 hours and this post is the most productive thing I've done all day.

So thanks to everyone who played along. I hadn't even considered the merits of the solid ties because I was too busy hating them. I hate them less, now that you've pointed out that they aren't total crap (I really thought that everyone would be all "solids are ugly!") I didn't pick up on the formal / non formal aspect of the solids vs the stripes.

So Ben, if you're not concerned about me stalking you, email me your address and I'll send you the Bitchin' Summer 2008 Road Trippin' Soundtrack.

ninjahills at gmail dot com


  1. Bahahahahahahahaha!

    Okay, first of all, I forgot there was a prize involved.

    Second, when I read that I was the winner, I was all "whooooooooo!" just thinking that I was being called a winner 'cause I'm hella awesome, not because I won a prize.

    Third, now that a prize has sweetened the deal even more, I am one happy homo!

    Last, maybe someday I'll stop hijacking your comment section with inappropriateness.

    Say hi to Stella.

  2. Wooo! Another decision is made in the hellish mess that is wedding planning.

  3. LOVE the stripes waaaay more than the solids. Good choice! Hopefully you can put this all behind you now!

    I am very much NOT looking forward to dressing the boys in our wedding party. It all seems so darn blah! So, maybe I'll spruce it up with cool ties. Though, from past experience, my fiance and I have very different taste in that department. Boo!

  4. I apparently have no fashion sense. Nothing new, really.

    I'm glad you won on the issue, though. The whole day is really all about you.

    I'm not even kidding :)

  5. That's too bad.

    Now the blood stains are going to show up better.

    Course, I'm a best man at my buddies wedding, and he went solid. Solid Silver.

    The vests are silver too... the wedding party is going to look like transformers or something.

    ... I want to be the Charger.

  6. How do I get your Starbucks drink to you?

  7. ha! even though i sort of voted for both, i'm still happy that your choice won ;-) hee!