Friday, 20 June 2008

Can't You Feel The Blood Rush, Baby Tied Up Too Tight!

Right, so clearly I've figured out the equation to successful blogging:

ask for advice + offer free stuff = break your comments record

Thank you for all your comments! They've been very enlightening. I'm surprised at how divided everyone is - I honestly thought that everyone would choose one (my preference, obviously) over the other. I'm still not revealing my preference - I'll leave it for a few more days so I can get more unbiased opinions.

Without counting the people who commented on both solids and stripes, I've got 7 voting solids and 6 voting stripes. However, I opened this up to my family as well, which changes things drastically. Stripes are the popular choice among my family and Shawn's family - we've got 7 for stripes and only 2 for solids. Stripes have taken a strong lead and that's all I'll say about that so I don't inadvertently give away which tie I'm voting for.


  1. Yeah, I would say that as overall ties, I prefer the striped ones and they do sound good (maybe) for a casual wedding. However, when you take into account the whole this is a wedding thing, with centerpieces and shit, the striped ties just would not fit. So, I stand with what I said before - and I say this as a person that wears ties nearly every single working day and even on days off sometimes.

    I would picked the striped ties as ties to just wear, but the solid ones for the wedding. Fortunately, it's not my wedding and I don't even have to be at it. Unfortunately, I have to be at another wedding next week.

  2. I'm just dying to know what YOU want ;)

  3. stripes make people look fat.

  4. fat or thin? it depends what direction the stripes are moving in.