Wednesday, 25 June 2008

If Only I Could Breathe What You Breathe

Your comments yesterday? Hilarious! Combining kick-boxing with sex? Ceremonial solid-tie burning? Love it. Thank you for the laugh (which, as it turns out, greatly contributed to the relieving of my tension.)

I got an email from my cousin yesterday. She reminded me to take deep, cleansing breaths. Normally I would scoff at someone telling me to take deep, cleansing breaths, but my cousin is a smart lady who has got her shit together. Clearly the deep, cleansing breaths are working out for her. So yesterday's tension-relieving routine went a little something like this:

- write a whiny post about how stressed I am
- laugh at all the comments
- drink gin
- shop
- exercise with Stella
- cuddle my puppy
- eat ice cream
- go to bed early

all while taking deep, cleansing breaths. And it worked to a certain degree. I still feel a bit stressed about the wedding and all the family drama that goes along with it. I am still drained of energy because of some work-related shite. However, instead of focusing on the crap and letting it take over, I am trying to concentrate on the good. In less than 6 weeks I will be married to Shawn. My family and friends will all be together, partying with us, celebrating with us, having a kick-ass time (uh, hopefully.) I will try to be glass half-full instead of my usual glass half-empty.


  1. Well, unless your talking about the literal glass you'll be drinking out of at your wedding - because I hope that's close to empty the whole night. :-)

  2. I'm glad you feel more relaxed! I agree with the breathing deeply. And I know it sounds corny, but thinking good thoughts can work sometimes too. Just like "everything is going to be okay" helps me.

  3. Hurray for being less stressed!
    All that really matters is that your friends and family will be with you, celebrating your love for Shawn, and his for you. One day, you'll look back at all this stress and just laugh, because you'll know everything has turned out well, no matter what happens!

  4. oooh man, that day has ALL the makings of stress relief! writing! laughing! gin! shopping! exercise! puppies! ice cream! just work on the kick-boxing sex :-)

  5. I have to confess that I might have been giggling at the sex/kick boxing combo as I was typing it.

    Your wedding WILL be worth all of the stress. I believe this to be true.

  6. mawwaige!!! how exciting! (name the movie...ten extra points.)

  7. Nilsa: You know it!

    Maxie: Agreed - I just have to let the good thoughts through all the nasty thoughts.

    Meg: I'm kind of laughing now. Before it all started I was all "Oh I'm chilled out. I'm zen. Planning a wedding? No problem!"

    Alice: I'm not going to lie - I enjoyed the gin and ice cream a lot more than the exercise.

    Angella: I'm still giggling.

    Jess: Princess Bride! Best. Movie. EVER!

  8. I noticed that only one of your bullet points mentioned alcohol. Strong woman, you.

  9. 1 bullet point does not = 1 gin