Sunday, 8 June 2008

Lazy Dreamer You Never Want To Rise

Right, so I've been home for a week. Maybe it's time to actually write about Mexico, hmm?

The week before we left was absolute madness. I needed to finish up a few things at work and for some reason I felt the need to clean the entire condo for Turtle (who was staying at our place to take care of Stella and who would not have cared at all if it wasn't spotless.) I was also trying to write down every single Stella-related thing I could think of, which resulted in a 6-page instructional document for Turtle (ps - sorry, lady!) She's used to my craziness though, so she didn't mind. I hope.

We left Monday morning. Shawn and I were a bit prickly with each other because we had to get up early to make the flight. Shawn is the type of person who sees nothing wrong with showing up at the airport 30 minutes before the flight is scheduled to leave. It makes me batty. So I may have told a little white lie about what time the flight was leaving, which I am not apologizing for because by the time we made it to the airport (we forgot to factor in Monday morning rush hour) and got checked in, we only had 20 minutes to grab a coffee and some magazines before boarding. It made things a bit tense though, when Shawn realized that he could have slept longer. He turned sweet again after we boarded and the complimentary champagne was brought out.

The resort was gorgeous. The buildings were well-maintained, the grounds were beautiful (the entire resort is a giant botanical garden) and everything was so clean.

front entrance

Shawn was so disappointed because there was never any water in this fountain

We stayed in the Royal Suites portion of the resort because we are such Fancy People (erm, or maybe because we received a complimentary upgrade.) This meant that we had separate check-in service, a lobby bar, a private pool for Fancy People only, a private beach, a private restaurant and 24-hour room-service. It also meant that we didn't have to mingle with the common folk. Ha, I kid. It meant we didn't have to stand in any line-ups. The resort was only about half full, and the Royal Suites were even emptier. We didn't see a single person on our floor the entire week we were there. It was a bit odd, to be at a large resort and have so few people there, but it was also beneficial because it meant that we didn't wait for anything. The buffet could get a bit hectic at times but it was never unmanageable. There were no lines at the bars. The pools were never full. There was always a wide selection of beach chairs to choose from. I'm not sure why the resort was so empty. It might have something to do with Hurricane Season starting the week we were there. I don't know.

The private pool for Fancy People only

The eerily empty Main Pool

I get to marry this stud. Rawr!

This is what I wore to bed every night because Shawn had the air conditioner turned up so high

I don't have anything exciting to write about because it wasn't an exciting holiday. It was a chilled-out, relaxed, sloth-like holiday. We slept a lot. We ate and drank a lot. We sat by the pool and read and sunbathed and napped. We swam. We walked along the beach. Shawn humoured me and followed me around while I took a bazillion photos so I wouldn't get lost. It was perfect. Neither of us had ever been on a holiday where the objective was to relax and do nothing. We are do-ers. We were both concerned about our ability to do nothing and not get bored but it turns out we can do it, happily.


  1. It looks amazing there. It must have been so hard to leave paradise to come back to the real on jobs.

  2. I. Love. Mexico.

    But you knew that.

    Your vacations sounds like it was absolutely PERFECT. Hooray!

  3. As a fellow gal-about-to-wed, I can say with confidence, we could use one of those vacations with nothing to do but relax. Yours looked lovely! Despite it being so eerily quiet. And now it's back to the grind...

  4. Looks awesome! Welcome back!

  5. Crap, I totally would have been excited about the fancy people section.

    God, what a lovely looking vacation.


    i'm glad you guys got the "do nothing" part down. yay for lazy vacations!