Friday, 6 June 2008

I Hold My Breath And Close My Eyes And I Wait For Paradise

Sorting through the bazillion photos I took, I did manage to find some alcohol-free ones. Maybe this weekend I'll manage to add some narrative to my photos. Or maybe I'll just continue posting photos because I'm lazy and braindead.


  1. Besides Vegas (112F), I've never traveled to anywhere warm. It may be my aversion to shorts or my penchant for loving a normal dew point, but these pictures make me think I need to get over it. Like now.

  2. I like the alcohol ones better.

  3. SIIIIIIGHHH. neeeed. vacaaaation.

  4. Over-Thinker: I have a serious aversion to shorts. I didn't even own shorts before this holiday. I bought 2 pairs (1 fancy hoochie-type pair and 1 sweatpant-material pair) because I knew it was going to be crazy hot. And you know what? I was not self-conscious about it at all. There's a good possibility it was due to the fact that I was drunk every day, but whatever, I'm still proud.

    Ben: Me too!!

    Alice: Dude, you DESERVE a vacation!

  5. i dont want to see the alcohol free photos...



  6. Those picture are BEAUTIFUL!!

    Okay the alcohol ones were great too.

    But man, I want to go there now.