Friday, 20 March 2009

I Am Dreaming Of A Michigan Girl

Friday Faff: Queasy Edition

I am incapable of making chili for two people. I try to limit myself but by the time I get the meat and beans and all the veggies in there, I've got enough chili to feed at least ten people. I hate freezing chili because the veggies always end up a bit manky once they defrost, so instead, Shawn and I eat chili for every meal until we're sick of it.

Whenever we've got a disgusting amount of chili leftovers to plow through, Shawn asks if I can make him a Michigan. I had never heard of Michigans until I met Shawn (he was born in Quebec and sometimes he is very East Coast.) A Michigan is a hotdog topped with chili and onions. It does not appeal to me at all.

However, another bowl of chili did not appeal to me either, so last night we made Michigans.

It didn't start well. I've barbecued hotdogs before but never cooked them on the stove. Shawn said the hotdogs had to be boiled or it wouldn't be a legitimate Michigan.

So the hotdogs were boiled. This took one pot.

I reheated the chili in another pot.

Then Shawn said we needed to figure out a way to steam the buns, or else they wouldn't be true Michigans. So I dug out the pot I use to steam vegetables, which is actually 3 parts - 2 pots + a lid.

So at this point we're up to 4 pots and a lid, plus the chopping board and knife for the onions and the grater for the cheese. That is way too many dishes for what is basically a fastfood dinner.

If they tasted good or were good for you, I might not have minded all the fuss that went into making them. However, Michigans taste like ass and are completely unhealthy. Last night's dinner was a massive fail.

AND when I googled Michigans today, I found out that true Michigans don't even have cheese.

Moral of the story: Quebec may have given us poutine but its culinary contributions should not be trusted. I don't know why I didn't learn that after trying tourtiere.


  1. This looks and sounds like something Nick would LOVE - and watching him snarf them would make me just want to stab him.

    It does seem like a tremendous amount of effort for something not particularly good for you that sounds kind of gross. He could perhaps make it up to you for taking you out for drinks and poutine this eve?

  2. Hillary,

    I made a new blogging friend that I think you will enjoy.

    Let's make her join our cult!


    P.S. Boiled hotdogs are for babies.

  3. My husband would tell you two things about this post. 1) Anything from the state of Michigan (or that even has the word in it) is bound to be a big fail, and 2) cheese makes everything better.

    My maid of honor would tell you that hot dogs makes everything better.

    And I would tell you I'll take a rain check on coming over if you're serving Michigans. =)

  4. I have never heard them called a Michigan. We just call them chili dogs - strange. Every once in a while they are OK, but not more than once or twice a year. Also that seems like it took way more effort than necessary to make a hot dog than needed.

  5. i love hot dogs on their own - i don't need chili and onions messing with the delicious dubious-meatiness for me. straight up dogs for me.

    ps tourtiere looks kind of awesome. but no?

  6. I bet you anything that Matthew and my brother would eat ten of those.

    Me? I tend to avoid meals that taste like ass.

  7. I read today that Barack Obama doesn't like beets. It reminded me of you. I say if he doesn't have to like beets, neither do you or I.

    I don't really know what that has to do with this post, however, except for having to do with gross foods.

  8. Well I've definitely had chili dogs with onions (and sometimes cheese) before, and I'm definitely from Michigan. But I never knew this particular food was called a "Michigan." Weird.

  9. Yum! We had hot dogs for lunch on Saturday, and I was thinking that I really wanted a chili dog.