Friday, 27 March 2009

Fools In Their Madness All Around Know That The Light Don't Sleep

To say that I do not cope well with stress is not entirely accurate as it implies that I cope to a certain degree.

This week has been a mishmash of various stresses (lessons learned this week: occasionally a key employee will get sick at an extremely inopportune time hence, backup plans should be in place as trial and error is not the best method when it comes to learning how to do a company's year end financials; Wolfgang is a lying bastard and should not be trusted when he acts all housebroken and obedient (fluids to hit my sheets this week: vomit x 1 and pee x 2); eating ice cream for dinner will not make you feel better, especially if eaten while watching skinny bitches on America's Next Top Model.)

Throw in a nightly wakeup call from Wolfgang (hereafter referred to as Whiny Asshole) a week of rainy weather and you get a very shouty Hillary. (You get an especially shouty Hillary if you let Whiny Asshole play on the bed, even though you were left explicit instructions to not let him play on the bed due to his inability to keep his bodily fluids to himself, as evidenced by the giant puddle of pee found on the bed last night.)

Calling this week "rough" is a gross understatement.

However. In an hour I will leave the office. In two hours I will be at home, barbecuing burgers (rain be damned!) and watching the hockey game with friends. And in roughly 8 hours? I will be asleep in my (hopefully!) pee-free bed. This week kicked my ass but it's Friday now, which means gin-yes, stress-no.


  1. Okay, I thought you wrote "this week kicked my ass's butt..." and I was all, DAMN.

    And I bow to your badassness (screw "working in the lab") for blogging at work.

    Are you guys hiring?

    Hey! We could do a Parent Trap switcharoo and I could be Canadian Hills and you could be American OT. First though, we'd have to go camping and then cut each others' hair after a rousing game of 4th grade poker.

    Jesus. What the hell am I talking about???

  2. I hear you on the stress. Enjoy the Gin!

  3. Gin-yes, stress-no. I like this attitude. And a week like this calls for a ginful weekend.

    And I completely agree with Wolfgang not getting bed time until he gets to the point where he doesn't just let loose on it.

  4. Oof, that does sound like a killer week.

  5. OY. shittay week, indeed. i hope your weekend has been KICKING ASS. :-)

  6. Oh, if only I liked gin!

  7. Keep that pee machine off the bed, girl. Hope you're feeling better after a restful weekend.