Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Carbon's Anniversary The Parting Of The Sensory - 7

Dear Shawn,

Happy 7 Monthiversary!

The last month has been the most difficult month of our marriage so far. You lost your job while I was in the process of deciding whether or not to leave mine. It was difficult to see you feeling so blue, especially since you are definitely the more positive one in this relationship. And then to top it all off, you got sick with the Flu of Doom and then passed it on to me.

We got through it though, relatively unscathed. My employment situation is officially resolved and my head has stopped melting. You started your new job on Monday and even though you don't love it yet, I'm hopeful that you will soon.

Life is slowly returning to normal.

This past month has made me really appreciate how calm you manage to make me feel. We both know I'm a tad emotive (understatement of the year!) and I while I won't admit to overreacting, I will agree that I tend to react strongly to situations. The upheaval we experienced in the last month would normally send me spinning but you managed to keep me steady. Sure there was stress and a few tears and a few brain-meltingly frustrating moments, but there was also laughter and poutine and homemade chicken soup.

We survived the last month and I can't wait to kick next month's ass with you.

Love you.



  1. Hillary, this is a lovely letter. Congratulations on sevn months! It's sounds like you two have such a strong, healthy relationship. I'm glad Shawn took the job, and even if he doesn't love it, something he can love will come along down the road. Stability and a paycheck are good in the meantime.

  2. Ah unemployment...I remember it well.

    Glad he didn't have to watch porn professional for eight months like I did.

    Wait - I didn't say that.

  3. Good to hear things are calming down for you two and that silly cold is going away.

    Here's to better days to come!

  4. it must have been your homemade soup that fixed everything!! :-)

    (i totally got up and made that soup as soon as i read your blog post the other day. 'twas delish.)

  5. Kicking ass and taking names! I love this letter... and here's hoping Month 8 calms down a bit.

  6. For Shawn to have managed to keep unemployment to only a small blip on the radar of life is very impressive. Glad to see you two survived a series of blips and are back on track. Smooth sailing this month, ya hear?!

  7. This is my favorite letter to Shawn yet. *squish*

  8. Happy Seven Months, you two!!

  9. seriously i love these letters. and hope this month is a lot better for you guys :)

  10. It sounds like things are looking up :) I'm sure your 8 monthiversary will be even better.

  11. Ooh - sending you some good vibes for the month of March!! :)