Thursday, 5 March 2009

Baby Come Back You Can Blame It All On Me

I actually wrote this post yesterday but then remembered that it was time for another monthiversary post. So I wrote a letter to Shawn and accidentally posted it with the Over-Thinker poll. It was all kinds of awesome. So if you caught it before I fixed it, this is what the poll refers to:

Ode to the Over-Thinker (I know it's actually a limerick and not an ode but I don't care. I like saying things are odes to other things; it makes me happy in the pants. Well, not really but it is my blog and if I want to say something is an ode to something, I damn well will.)

There once was a lady named Thinker
Who left and my heart did a sinker
My heart has turned black
I hope she comes back
Come on lady, don't be a stinker!

PS - this is the first poll I've ever done and I can't make "Answer 5" disappear. Don't judge me.


  1. This would definitely make me want to blog again!

  2. I wanted to pick Answer 5 just because it was an option, alas I didn't. Where the heck did the Over Thinker go anyway?

  3. AH! crap! i clicked the wrong button! i meant to vote for "convince me to start blogging again despite its creepiness," except my finger SLIPPED and i voted for the "block hillary's IP address" instead. so, uh, IGNORE THAT VOTE kthx.

  4. I voted for Answer 5. Don't judge me. :)

  5. Hahahaha

    Answer 5. Definitely.

    No, I'd be flattered and blog like it was going out of style. Umm, it's not, is it?

  6. I had to choose Answer 5. It was too compelling.

  7. Well JesUS---now I HAVE to start writing again :)

    Hills, you are the cherry to my bomb.
    ...The Orange County to my Real-Housewives
    ...The...the...sister of Westy.

    This is the most flattering post I've ever had composed for me. I'm all "awww shucks" and a little bit "awww Answer 5"...

    Please dispel the mystery of "Answer 5"--I, too, am curious.