Thursday, 31 January 2008

It Seems Like All This Life Was Just A Dream Stella Blue Stella Blue

Naming our puppy was not an easy task. S (understandably) didn't want to have to use an overly-girly name in public, as it's damaging enough to his ego to have a cutesy small dog and not a ferocious-looking boxer. (We actually did consider a boxer (for about 30 seconds) before realizing that our condo is tiny and a boxer would eat it. Considering how much damage Stella has managed to do in 2 weeks, we have decided it was a wise choice.)

So we instigated veto power. S and I are both really stubborn and we've both been known to wait the other out and wear them down until getting our own way. This was not going to be a situation where that would happen. The veto is absolute. Once the veto has been issued, there is no further discussion. End of story. This is how my darling puppy avoided the misfortune of being named Buick. Yes, like the car. And yes, S was serious.

Names that I suggested that were struck down by the veto:

S went in a completely different direction. His front runner was Pippen. Apparently it's a Lord of the Rings reference (nod and smile.) His friend has 2 dogs named Frodo and Sam and S really wanted to name our puppy Pippen so they could all hang out "in the Shire!" I know what you're thinking - S must be really cute in order for me to put up with his nerdiness.

He is. In fact, he is a stone cold fox.

Stella almost ended up being named Horatio Caine. That got vetoed after we realized that it might be difficult to train her to remove her doggy sunglasses after delivering a cheesy one-liner.

We were driving home after a long day and it came to me as we passed a bar. Stella - like the beer. It's sufficiently girly to appease me and it's the name of a beer so S feels manly enough to use it in public.

Unfortunately, Stella has been so rotten lately she's answering to f*ckface more than her real name.

PS - Stella would also appreciate it if you could spell her name with 2 L's.


  1. Hills,

    Until you face the dilemma of which tattoo to get and where, all other quandaries are modest



  2. I can't wait to see what you name your children :-)

    This is my son Bilbo and our daughter, St. Pauli Girl

    (Hand to God, I named my first puppy, Chevrolet and called him Chevy.) I'm still laughing about Buick--that's cracking me right up.

  3. wouldn't it be cool to name an animal "fuck"?

    Then you could swear all the time.

  4. I suggested Ginger and Penny to my roomate for out cat!!! We went with Nelly :)