Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Been Dazed And Confused For So Long It's Not True

I just downed my super! healthy! microgreens capsules with a Coke. It wasn't even Diet Coke - it was full-fat. I think I'm beginning to see why I can't lose weight.
FYI, when you take microgreens caspules with anything fizzy, it makes you burp. Microgreens burps taste like ass.
Also, it just took me about ten minutes to take one shot of the microgreens caspules because I cannot figure out how to use my new camera. More specifically, I cannot figure out how to use my new zoom lens. The point of the zoom lens is so you don't have to physically move to get the picture in focus, right? I was inching forward and backwards, trying to focus on the microgreens caspules. It didn't help that I started off without the plate, so I was trying to focus on microgreen capsules that are pretty much the same colour as my granite countertops.
It has been a long day.


  1. Although this is totally the opposite of on-topic: I love your counter tops! And also? I totally know what you mean about the ass-burp. Deadly.

  2. hahahah...yeah those do NOT look as tastey as cake.

  3. Everything goes better with Coke! Even...little green unappetizing-looking capsule things...