Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Ice Ice Baby

Winter? I do not love it.
I hate being cold. I am not a fan of snow.
Vancouver is not a happy place to be right now, for someone who does not love the snow.
It is also not a happy place for clumsy people. People who might slip and fall on all that lovely snow and ice. People like me.
On my way to work yesterday morning (stupid Monday!) I fell on a patch of ice. I broke my fall with my arm (which, as it turns out, was not the best plan.) Long (boring) story short, I've injured my medial epicondyle (fancy doctor-speak for "bent your elbow the wrong way,") sprained my wrist and have a pinched ulnar nerve. What does all that mean? In short, my arm hurts real bad. My right arm. Rock.
I can deal with the pain (because, hello, painkillers!) it's just the inconvenience that's driving me crazy. I can barely use my right arm. I am typing this using only my left arm. It's taken me about 20 minutes. Also, the whole ulnar nerve thing sucks. The ulnar nerve is the thing that tingles when you hit your funny bone. Basically, since yesterday morning, it has felt like I've continuously been hitting my funny bone. My fingers won't stop tingling. I am not a happy camper.
I'm going to go drink hot chocolate and feel sorry for myself now.


  1. It works best if you type with your fingers and not your arm :-)

    I hope you're on the mend and not in too much pain--that funny-bone sensation does not sound cool at all.

    Speaking of "cool"---I, too, hate HATE this stupid winter weather. Where I live, right this moment, it's -5 with wind speeds at 30 mph giving us the wind chill of -25!!! Does that number even exist?? What? It does?? WHY???

    Man--I sound a little hostile.
    Think I can "borrow" some meds?

  2. Poor girl!!!

    Yet another reason to hate winter!

    I hope it heals fast!

  3. Hillary with two L's your a 'California 10'

    That's HoT + 1

  4. Oh my God, your injury sounds painful. I hope you are healing well though.

    I'm pretty clumsy and have taken quite a few spills in my day, without ice. Some days I feel like Bambi on new legs. =)