Tuesday, 8 January 2008

We'll Get The Chocolate Cake And The Sunrise And The Sunset

I got a bitchin' kitchen scale for Christmas so I am finally able to make the yummy recipes from the Nigella book I got for my birthday.

I started with the Chocolate Guinness Cake.

Hee, I just googled it so I could link to the recipe and I came up with a bunch of sites that have already converted it from weight measurement to cups. So I guess my kitchen scale is all for naught. *sigh*

So my New Years' Resolution to eat less crap is going really well, can't you tell? Though this is homemade crap, so that's got to be less evil than, say, the 3 pieces of cheese pizza smothered in ranch dressing I downed for dinner last night or the entire bowl of guacamole I ate for dinner tonight. I'm not proud.

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  1. Saw your comment on my blog and I thought I'd check out yours!

    I LOVE love LOVE Nigella and I've always wanted to try out the Guinness Cake. Yours looks absolutely scrumptious...the frosting is so fluffy! Like a pillow! (...where I would lay my head after going into a chocolate coma.)

    Also, I'm a huge believer in weighing ingredients. It's a lot more accurate (accurater?)

    Anyways...love your blog, I'm sure I'll be back!