Friday, 18 January 2008

I Am Slowly Going Crazy, 1-2-3-4-5-6-Switch

S and I are both dog people. He has had various dogs at both of his parents' houses his whole life while I have had my 1 true love - Toby - since I was about 14 years old. Toby is not my dog - he's the family dog, so he lives at my parents' house. When we finally stopped renting, and bought a condo in a pet friendly building, we decided that a puppy was a necessity. We knew it would be a lot of work but we were focusing more on the daily (calorie burning!) walks and the love and affection our perfectly-trained angel would bestow on us. We weren't thinking so much about the whining or crying or chewing or peeing or pooping. Our puppy? Lives to poop. She is a poop machine. We live on the 4th floor so it's not possible to catch her mid-poop and get her outside to finish. This means that our lovely new condo has become one big litter box. It's not so bad - she's pretty good about going on the training pads and she's always supervised when she's out of her crate so it's not like we've come across any unexpected "surprises." The thing is, I hate germs. I really Really hate germs. This whole "pooping on the floor" aspect of dog ownership has really brought out the Crazy in me. Our condo smells like a chip shop because of the amount of vinegar I have used to clean up Stella's messes. I've washed my hands so many times in the last week that they are actually cracking from being so dry. I have chapped hands. This is bringing out even more Crazy because the chappiness is allowing more germs to get into the cracks on my hands. So, you know, I have to wash them again. I am reassuring myself that I would probably be a lot less crazy if I wasn't so sleep deprived. Having a puppy means that you don't get to have a full night's sleep anymore. Would have been nice if someone had told us that before we got her. I can never have kids if I'm this sleep deprived from having a puppy. If she's whining, I can't sleep because it's so heartbreaking. If she's not whining, I can't sleep because she's not whining! Why isn't she whining? Maybe she's dead! Must wake up Stella to make sure she's alive! And then she's whining again. It's a vicious cycle.

It's a good thing she's so cute.


  1. ok um i can relate to you on so many levels right now. my partner and i recently got a puppy also (about 4 months ago) and we also live on the 4th floor! my best advice, take stella out after every single time you play with her, feed her, or excite her in any way. seriously. yes, it's annoying to run up and down stairs every 45 minutes but it's the only way to avoid the indoor peeooping (combo of poop and pee haha) anyway, good luck with her! she's totally adorable and i swear it gets easier! if not, at least it's a great means of birth control :) haha!

  2. I don't know if this would be an option for you....but, I saw these on "The Girls Next Door". I know what you're thinking...she gets tips from a show on "E" that features Playboy Bunnies?? Stay with me here...

    Bridget, one of the playmates at the mansion, has a puppy and she uses Puppy Pads. They look like little absorbent blankets. Basically, you use these to paper-train your puppy. I think these pads are popular with pet owners who don't have backyards where they can be let out to do their business.

  3. Hi, I'm a friend of Angella's (dutch blitz). I heard...that you're getting married in August. If you're interested you should check out our website.

    PS. We got a puppy this past summer and we LOVED it. But, unfortunately we had to say goodbye to it. Soo sad. Too much work for us with kids and babies. I hope you figure something out.

  4. Your puppy is WAY TOO ADORABLE!

  5. That it ONLY if Angella decided NOT to go the photo route
    Wouldn't want to take away her business if she decided to shoot weddings. Just wanted you to know we're out there and would love to help out to capture your day is you need it. Ange would be awesome though.