Wednesday, 2 February 2011

I Gotta Move While The Streets Ahead Are Sunny

Shawn and I bought our condo three years ago. Three years ago it was just the two of us. Our 670 square foot, one bedroom + den condo was sufficient.

Now we are two and a half people and two monsterpups. In 24-ish weeks, we will be three people and two confused monsterpups. Our little condo in the sky is suddenly feeling very cramped.

I cannot think of anything I would rather do less right now than move. Keeping the condo spotless for showings and dealing with mortgage shenanigans and packing boxes are all high on my list of things to avoid.

We're meeting with our Realtor tonight, despite my bad attitude. We need to know what our options are. And really, a meeting isn't any sort of commitment. We don't have to list our condo. We don't have to look at potential homes. We can just have a nice chat about how screwed we are when the baby shows up (with all the related baby paraphernalia) and we have nowhere to put him/her. I can't wait.


  1. Good luck lady! Selling/moving is SO stressful, but worth it in the end. 670sq ft is small, but it would encourage you to keep the baby stuff minimal if you decide not to sell. A tiny baby doesn't need much. My sister's friends had a baby in a STUDIO!! They did okay until the baby was 1.5, then they moved into more space.

  2. Best wishes Hillary. Man, moving is stressful enough - without the buying/selling aspect.

    While it IS nice to have the extra room - we ended up keeping Violet in our room until she was 3/4 months anyways, you could totally do it in a one bedroom if you needed to.

    However, it is FUN to decorate a nursery and it is FUN to be able to watch movies in bed with your husband (or read, cuddle the dogs, jump on the bed) without worrying about waking the babe. The babe, however, won't notice the difference.

    Tia is right, though, about 14/15 months and you will be scooping your eyeballs out with spoons if you don't have at least a small sleep/play area dedicated for him/her.

  3. Good luck! I hope you have a great realtor with lots of options for you guys to think about.

    (Yay! BABY!!)

  4. Ugh. I feel for you. Keeping the place tidy and getting yourself out for showings is such a pain. Not to mention the moving hell. We sold Nick's condo and moved twice while I was super preg. It pretty much sucked moose balls.

  5. egads. especially after you just painted everything so nice for your room. perhaps there is a two-bedroom you can move into within your building... better, yet on the same floor. then the pups could be little sled dogs hauling boxes back and forth.
    hope the meeting goes swell. and if you want to move out of the city, i know a special little town in the okanagan that could use some more cool people. love.

  6. Move closer to me! And then I can snuggle your baby and play with your monsterpups. I'm not as creepy as I sound..promise. :)

  7. I recommend a maid to clean the place before you sell it. To me it just sounds easier. Granted, it also sounds like an expense but it also sounds like an expense that could save your sanity. Good luck.

  8. I dunno mang, unless you find something PERFECT that you can move to pretty soon, I don't know that moving while pregnant sounds like any fun. It's stressful enough being pregnant (I imagine!) without dealing with all the other crap!
    BUT, if you do decide to move, let me know if I can help with anything! (even if you don't move!)

  9. i am so far behind, but hope it all went well and hope you're feeling better and just yes, fingers crossed for you!