Friday, 25 February 2011

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Friday Faff: I Found My Card Reader Edition

* * * * *

Shawn took this photo three weeks ago. I do not even remotely resemble the svelte lady now. Things are much rounder. Also, I'm more in focus in real life. Shawn does this thing where I'll ask him to take a photo of me and he'll take ONE photo of me. And my eyes will be closed. So I ask him to take another and he crouches down and points the camera up at me so the photo is basically just of my multiple chins. So I get a bit screechy and ask him to take 10 photos of me, please, it's a digital camera you can take a hundred photos and you're not wasting film or anything please can you just do it?! And this is what we end up with:

* * * * *
Our condo has never been as clean as it currently is. It's kind of freaking me out.

Those tulips are usually a basket of random electronic hair wrangling devices. We have more than four towels. One can normally find approximately 54 hair elastics scattered on various surfaces throughout the room.

This is not my kitchen. Where are all the small appliances? Piles of bills and takeout menus? Where are the dirty dishes? It's like the Twilight Zone. (Funny story. I've never seen an episode of the Twilight Zone but I can totally do the Twilight Zone theme music. You know? Like you can totally do the Jaws thing even if you haven't seen the movie. Anyway. Whenever my mom tries to do the Twilight Zone theme music she ends up doing the Chicken Dance music. It is awesome.)

This is the bedroom taken from the other side of the room. Gorgeous turquoise accent wall, oh how I will miss you. The photo is not one of mine (but thanks for giving me that much credit, Alice!) It's a canvas print from Ikea. Shawn loves it. I'm kind of meh about it but I can't figure out if I don't like the photo or if I'm just a snob who doesn't want Ikea "art" hanging over her bed.

* * * * *
My family dog, my 13-year old monsterpup, my Toby bear, spent last weekend in the emergency animal hospital. He's back at home with my parents but the diagnosis is grim: neurological problem, most likely a brain tumor.

He's the sweetest, most gentle dog I've ever met and I'm not ready for him to go. I took the monsterpups to my parents' house last night because my parents are rockstars and offered to take care of the pups until Sunday so the condo stays clean for our two open houses. Stella loves Toby. If she had to choose between me and Toby? Toby would win. And I'm the one with access to the food. It kind of breaks my heart that one day Toby won't be around for Stella to love on.

* * * * *

Happy Friday, peeps! Think some happy condo-selling thoughts for us, please!


  1. Nick will do the same thing with the photos! It makes me crazy! And he's so much taller than me. Why the hell crouch down to take my picture from what is always an unflattering angle?

    And your condo looks fabulous! It will sell fast. I can't imagine anyone not wanting to live there. So pretty! So inviting!

    Happy weekend, Hillary!

  2. I have my camera on rapid mode so all he would have to do is HOLD DOWN THE DAMNED BUTTON.

    Gah, he acts like the camera is going to bite him. I just use the remote and my tripod now, if need be.

    Love the wall! My master bath is going to be a similar color.

    I am going to get a gallery print of Sprog at the beach in Monterey printed and hung up.

    I really need to get back to work on our house, not that we are going to sell any time soon, just that the clutter (that you are missing from yours) is RAMPANT in mine and making me crazy.

    *hugs* for Toby.

  3. Eric does the same thing. Takes ONE picture. I'm like, "ummm could you please take a few more from different angles so I have OPTIONS!"

  4. your place is so cute! i love it.

    also, yay for belly pics! even if shawn messed up taking pictures, haha. matt does the same thing sometimes and i'm like "ummm my eyes aren't even open, how is that a legit picture??" oh boys.

  5. Vahid is the complete opposite. Whenever I ask for a photo he turns into a push fashion photographer. "Turn this way. Look sexy, pout your lips!" I'm like WTF?! I just want a photo for my blog, I'm not competing for anything.

    I hope you sell your Condo soon and can get a new place all up and ready for baby!

    I'm so sorry about Toby, it's always so hard to see them go. :(

  6. Happy condo selling vibes!!

    Sorry about Toby...that's a tough one.

    You = ADORABLE.


    Having met your Mom, the visual of her doing the chicken dance song totally made my afternoon. :)

  7. Nooo! Not Toby! Wait what? I don't even know Toby? Really? Never met him, huh? Oh ... well, that was awkward then. I'm glad he is out of the emergency room. I hope he doesn't suffer and gets to enjoy however many years he has left.

    Good luck with the open house!

  8. 1) Your photos of your condo look WAY BETTER than the weird bendy-walled realtor photos.

    2) I wish we could get video of Stells jumping up so she can lick the insides of Toby's lips. Too bad he is camera-phobic.

    3) Duh-dah-da-da-da-da-da, duh-da-da-da-da-da-da, duh-dah-da-da-da-da-da-duh-da-da-da

  9. Your place is absolutely gorgeous, and I am totally calling my landlord to see if he thinks turquoise accent walls are as good an idea as I do now :) Best of luck with the open house, and I will be keeping you guys (and poor pup) in my prayers <3

  10. You and your condo are lovely. You shouldn't have any problem finding a buyer. I am really sorry to hear about your parents' dog. :( Pets should live forever.