Tuesday, 9 February 2010

And If I Could Remember If I Could Find A Place A Time The Space To See Another Way Home

My coffee ban is over and I cannot tell you how happy that makes me. I was going to try to go a month without coffee but then I got accepted into a sleep disorder program (yay!) Part of the program is keeping a two week sleep diary, staying as close to my regular routine as possible. My regular routine involves coffee so continuing the coffee ban would be dishonest and foolish and maybe a little illegal (trying too hard to justify my love for caffeine? me? never!)

I probably would have gone back to coffee anyway as this week my commute has gone from simply annoying to downright rage-inducing. I just have to keep reminding myself that in three weeks the Olympics will be over and the tourists will be gone and the road closures won't be in effect and I can breathe again. Serenity now.

Day 9 of my month of photos:

Science World at night. Since taking my daylight photo of Science World, fences have gone up and security has increased.


  1. Just wait until Friday :) I'm performing in the Opening Ceremony, and from my friend's tales of their adventure getting in and out of the dress rehearsal last night, we're in for a doozy. It was complete madness, and there were only about 25,000 people in attendance. Friday brings 60,000 spectators, plus all the athletes, the tourists, and the people who will be outside of the stadium. And that's only day one.
    I'm certainly going to do my best to remember that it is only two weeks. Two weeks that 99% of the world will never get to experience, and that even if it is frustrating to get around, it will be worth it, as the Olympics aren't coming back. Here's to hoping things go somewhat smoothly!

  2. I'm loving the coffee justification. ;)

    Hope you survive the next few weeks...

  3. After tomorrow night, when I head to West Van for an exercise class with a friend, I plan on staying in Squamish til March.

  4. The joys of living in the suburbs :) No road closures!