Wednesday, 17 February 2010

One To The Moment We Live In Right Now And One To The East West North And South

My brother, Westy, is a bit rough and tough sometimes. He can be full of swagger and bravado and the things that occasionally come out of that boy's mouth would make a pirate blush (which delights me to no end.)

Despite that, when he doesn't know he's being watched he is the biggest sweetheart.

Don't tell anyone, though. It might ruin his image.

Happy 22nd birthday, buddy! I love you bunches.


  1. I love these photos! So sweet and so full of personality. Happy birthday, Hillary's handsome brother!

  2. Aw, his bravado is all show.

    (Please tell me that the 'stache is some hockey bet or something. I think he's much cuter without. ;) )

  3. Aw what a cute little birthday tribute- Happy Birthday Westy!

  4. Would things get awkward between us if I said your little brother is cute? Cause he is.

    Ummm, Happy Birthday Westy

  5. Ahem. Stella + Westy's hair. Yeah?!