Thursday, 5 November 2009

All That I Know Is I'm Breathing Now

I've had an extremely negative attitude all week, to the point where even I have become sick of all my griping and groaning. In an effort to remove myself from this cycle of bitch, I'm taking inspiration from all of you Grace in Small Things people and making a list of things (some small, some not so small) that are making me happy (or at least less-bitchy) today.

Healthy friends. My friend had her surgery on Friday and it was a complete success. Not only was the surgery successful, the results she received from the tests were the best possible she could have received. She's got a long recovery in front of her but she's the toughest broad I know so I'm sure she'll be just fine.

Wearing Slippers at work. Why have I not thought of this before? I wear high-heeled pinchy shoes pretty much every day. I sit at a desk pretty much all day long. Where is the logic in that? Right now I'm wearing comfy slippers and feeling quite blissful. My high-heeled pinchy shoes are sitting under my desk for when I need to act like a grownup but for now my toes are un-pinched and toasty warm.

My body. I have spent a lot of years hating my body; it's a strange feeling to actually kinda sorta maybe like it a little now. Last night at karate I was shocked to discover strength I've never had before. I pushed myself so hard that I thought I might vomit and today it hurts to breathe but I feel pretty fucking proud of myself.

Discount Hallowe'en candy. Reese peanut butter cups and Oh Henry! bars for 50% off? Yes please!

That's all I've got. What's making you happy today? Or, if you need to rant, what's making you punchy today?


  1. I'm liking the attitude adjustment. Plus, you've got some great things to make you happy. Love the slippers at work.

    What makes me happy is that I'm working from home today. This morning, I was in comfy sweats with big woolly socks. This afternoon, I'm in the same comfy sweats, only they're a little sweaty from my lunch-time run. Two things I love about working from home - sweats and lunch-time runs!

  2. Congrats on focusing on the pisitive when it's sooooo easy to give into the negative.Congrats on your friends health. I'm going to take your cue for the slippers at work thing.

    And the 50% discount candy. That too will make me happy today.

  3. things that are making me happy:

    *a very lovely and sweet young man who keeps agreeing to see me

    *pole class tonight

    *the pumpkin brownies with cream cheese frosting i made on tuesday

  4. I am going to take 10 minutes and focus on being happy. Right now I am a Grouchy McAngrypants.

  5. My bedroom is finally clean after months of breathing dog fur and dust. It's just a matter of time before it's filthy again. But for now it's awesome.

  6. i am happy for:
    * amos & enzo
    * halloween 2010
    * not having to use my cane today
    * sneaking a great lunch from a conference that i was not really supposed to sneak a great lunch from, but did anyway
    * the crazy downpour of rain that soaks you in 20 seconds flat

    i am not happy for:
    * my crappy hair that always ends up in a ponytail by the end of the day because i am too lazy to style it properly in the morning
    * it being november and not even close to halloween for another year
    * my credit card statement which arrived last night and is $1500 more than i expected it to be

  7. I'm happy about:
    -today being my second to last day at my job. I'm ready and excited for my new job on Monday
    -heading up to Seattle tomorrow for a long weekend to celebrate my friend getting her PhD

  8. I just feel the need to point out that my eyes clearly need refocusing, because when I first read that bit about you liking your body, I read that you punched yourself so hard at karaoke that you almost vomited and you're pretty proud of yourself for that. I have no idea where I got that from.

  9. You know, I never thought I'd say this, but I am LOVING being home with my kid lately.

  10. Aw, nice attitude adjustment! I've been rather bitchy myself this week so maybe I'll join you? I'm thankful for only having only class today (instead of the usual 3) and having no work on Saturday. Which means one whole day of not having school OR work. That's pretty monumental.

  11. I love that achy feeling after a workout. It means I kicked ass.

  12. Dude, good for you for focusing on the positive! I signed up for Grace in Small Things (it's something I unofficially done when I've been depressed), but still haven't actually done it. I've been too busy being bitchy :D
    I LOOOOVE the idea of slippers! Why didn't I think of that? It would work all the time for me, but I bet I could make it work some of the time!!

  13. This post makes me smile. I'm feeling the same way about my body lately and it's kind of a nice change. I also wish I could wear slippers at work. Too bad I don't have a desk to hide them under!

  14. So glad to hear your friend is doing well. Hope she gets even better soon.

    I'm just thankful the weekend is finally here. Mainly because I miss sleeping.

    Have a great weekend lady! And make sure you get some rest.

  15. I'm happy about:

    *my glorious morning coffee,

    *my long-awaited hair appointment tomorrow morning,

    *that my own attitude adjustment actually seems to be WORKING.

  16. Slippers at work sound AMAZING. I need to steal this idea =)

    I'm happy about how yoga is actually starting to manage my chonic back pain. It usually hurts to stand, sit, and (this is sad) to breath deeply because it aggravates my back muscles. After three weeks of yoga I'm fighting it off & it doesn't hurt to breath at all! I could dance I'm so happy =)

  17. I had some small surgery yesterday, and it went really well. Today I get to work from home while wearing slipper socks, so yes, these are awesome happy things.

  18. Slippers! Brilliant! I always slip my shoes off at work, but I've never thought to slip my feet into slippers. May have to consider this.