Friday, 6 November 2009

Idiot Wind Blowing Through The Buttons Of Our Coats

Living in Vancouver means that from October until April my wardrobe is dictated by the rain. Wearing a dress on a rainy day and then sitting at my desk with wet tights/nylons is one of my least favourite feelings. Yesterday, after a cursory glance out the window to ensure the absence of rain, I put on a dress and left for work.

It's important to note that my dress was a bit floaty. It's a summery, cotton dress that I autumn-ized by wearing with a long-sleeved tee and wool tights.

I got outside and immediately noticed that it was a bit breezy. So. Floaty dress + wind. Bad plan, right? I thought about changing but I was already running late and changing meant waiting for the elevator, going through the "you're home! I love you! let's play!" shenanigans with the puppies, changing (I was wearing tights people - it would not be a quick change,) going through the "don't leeeeeave meeeeee" shenanigans with Wolfgang, and then waiting for the elevator again. I couldn't afford the time.

Everything was fine until I left the office at lunch. I didn't take my purse; I grabbed my wallet and my phone and ran across the street to grab some food. As I made my way back to the office, the wind started to blow again. I had my wallet, my phone, and a bagel in one hand and a giant cup of tea in the other. And was wearing a floaty dress.

And that is how I ended up showing my bum to a street full of people. I was wearing tights (grace in small things ... or not so small things in my case) but still, a bum squished into tights is still a bum.

Dear Hillary,
When it comes to being a few minutes late for work or showing your ample behind to a street full of strangers, you can always afford the time.
Exposed and Ashamed


  1. Done it! Actually, more than once if I remember correctly. I don't know why it doesn't embarrass me that much. I think it's like when I go get a bikini wax and am not ashamed...I'm sure they've seen worse, ya know? Just think of it this way: you made someone's day, and probably gave at least one person something to twitter about.

  2. Oh man, I've experienced embarrassing moments like that before. Just try to remember you may never see any of those people again. ;) Yesterday was crazy windy, that's for damn sure!

  3. Um, next time wear shorts under your dress in case you go outside to get lunch and it's windy?

    Yeah I got nothin'.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. i literally wore bike shorts under all skirts and dresses all the way through college because i couldn't be trusted not to flash people on a regular basis.

  5. Oh yeah. Been there. Welcome to winter in Vancouver, right?

    In other news, who is your hairstylist and what salon do you go to? Been meaning to ask.

  6. It has been seriously windy out the last few days. Thankfully, I wear scrubs to work :)

  7. I bet you made several people's day.

  8. I love you. You make a bad experience hilarious (to us), and see the humour in it (I hope!)


    I only laugh because I know the humiliation all too well.

  10. Oh come on, I'm sure they all loved the bum show! At least it's a good story.

  11. Girl, don't be crazy. Do you have any idea how happy you made those people?! You were the difference between a mediocre, so-so work day and a hilarious/sexy/awesome story work day for, like, DOZENS OF VANCOUVERANS! You're a freaking hero and don't you forget it.

  12. At least if they saw your bum, they did not see your face! You are as anonymous as the night!