Friday, 20 November 2009

Who's Getting Scared Now

I'm going to see my doctor today. The same doctor who I swore I would never see again.

My search for a new doctor has been completely unsuccessful. After whittling away at my list of deal breakers, I was left with just one: I will not travel for more than half an hour to see my doctor. I cannot find a doctor within half an hour's travel time from either my home or my office, so I'm left with my doctor who made me cry.

I'm trying to be positive. I haven't seen her in over a year. Maybe she won't remember our last appointment.

I'm putting this on the internet for accountability. I've spent the morning trying to come up with valid reasons why I should not go to this appointment. I need the internet to kick my ass if I don't go.


  1. I am coming out of hibernation to tell you to go to her but to stand your ground. And if she gives you crap, aim for the shins and then steal her stethoscope. Because then you'd have a stethoscope and that make come in handy Stella swallows your cell phone or Wolfgang and you need to double-check the validity of the emergency before you rush off to the vet when you could stay home, spending your time doing things with Beets.

  2. Ugh. Just caught up with the back posts there and what a horrible thing! Both the GHB and the craptacular treatment from the Dr.

    Hopefully she's realized she was out of line and behaves better this time. If not - I'd get on the Dr. looking again! (Are you in Van proper? I might have some recommendations?)

  3. oh goodness! hope it goes okay!

  4. SWEET JESUS!!! I swear i just saw the ot!!!!

    dude, YOU are HER boss. she does that shit again, point out you have an internet posse who will kick her ass!!
    That or tell her you don't appreciate her being an insensitive bitch.

  5. I hope it went well. I know that you can be fierce, and I hope you were if she gave you any attitude.

  6. Reeeeaaaaly crossing my fingers and hoping everything went well!!

    Otherwise I'm coming up there myself to smack that doctor of yours.