Friday, 30 October 2009

I'd Fix It If I Could

There is no faff today - just twisty thoughts as one of my favourite people in the world has a scary and significant surgery today. Happy, healing thoughts are much appreciated, as are distracting stories about your Hallowe'en plans.


  1. Sending all my good thoughts to one of your favorite people. Everything's gonna be a'ight.

    Also, please ignore the part of my blog post about the spelling of "Hallowe'en." I am realizing it's probably a regional thing, and it wasn't directed at you. OOF. I'm a dickhead.


    my halloween plans are a) go on a wine tour through the VA countryside all day tomorrow, then b) sober up jussst enough to dress up, go pregame in the city, then head to a halloween party at a friend's art studio.

    also potentially on the table: going to a huge halloween party at a bar tonight, where i may have to subject myself to my bf's mean & bitter ex, which will suck because my costume is SERIOUSLY not flattering and while i don't normally care, i do care when it involves mean bitter exgfs. gah.

  3. Sending good healing thoughts your way. I hope your loved one recovers quickly and well!

    No plans for Halloween except sleeping. I'm so insanely worn out from my trip to Vegas, plus I think I might be coming down with the flu (ugh - it better not be swine, dammit!), so I'm planning on sleeping as much as I can.

  4. Sending LOTS of good thoughts your way.

    No plans for Halloween. I know, I'm lame.

  5. Sending good vibes your way, darling.

    Tonight we are recording spooky noises to play during trick or treating tomorrow for the little kiddies. Lots of "oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhs" and moaning. Should be fun. xoxo

  6. Good vibes being sent!

    Tonight it is Seattle Symphony's presentation of Psycho (soundtrack to be played by the symphony while movie is shown). Will be literally quaking in my boots.

    Tomorrow I will be the spirit of Amelia Earhart (not the zombie of, because, you know, not so pretty). Trick or Treaters will discover:
    1. We are awesome and give out the goods.
    2. Grown ups dress in dumb costumes.

    Then I will attend 3 parties along with Patrick Swayze's character from Point Break. Send me good actually-getting-a-cab-on-Halloween thoughts!

  7. Thoughts and prayers, dude.


  8. All my positive thoughts are for your friend today!

    I'm on Galiano for the weekend. I think we're going to check out the local entertainment and catch some fireworks and bonfire action. Partay. :)