Friday, 16 May 2008

Deep Six Come To Bare

The lovely Angella (who also has two l's!) from Dutch Blitz tagged me with a “six random things” meme.

1. I am not a cat person. When I was a kid, we had an old cat named Smudgie who used to spend all day sleeping on top of the deep-freeze in our garage. One day (I was about 5 years old and it should be noted that Smudgie was probably about 12 years old so she can't really be blamed for her reaction. Also? I have no memory of whether Smudgie was a girl cat or a boy cat. Strange.) Turtle told me that Smudgie really liked it when people blew in her ear. So I walked up to poor, sleeping Smudgie and blew as hard as I could in her ear. And then experienced the scariest 2 seconds of my life as Smudgie bolted straight up into the air while silmutaneously swiping my head with her claws. So while I can appreciate the cuteness of kitties in pictures, in person I do not love them.

2. I am always tired. I have got sleep issues so I rarely feel well-rested. You know how sometimes you wake up after having a bad sleep and you feel all out of sorts? That's how I feel after a good night's sleep. I feel weird and different and it always takes a few minutes to realize that I feel weird because I'm not mind-numbingly tired. I talk in my sleep, often, and sometimes I sleepwalk. S used to be amused by it but now it's just annoying because it disturbs his sleep. Sometimes, if I'm really stressed, I have seizures in my sleep. S really loves that.

3. I wouldn't say that I'm a big fan of musicals but I have seen my fair share. Cabaret is, by far, the best musical ever written. I have seen it live 4 times. I've seen the movie countless times. I own the Original and New Broadway Cast Recording sountracks. I can sing every single song (in my horrible singing voice) and quote a lot of the dialogue. Go on, test me.

4. I was in a music video. My friend was the director so he put me in it. It involved a lot of standing around looking solemn, which somehow translated into me standing around looking constipated.

5. I have 2 sisters and a brother. Growing up, I was convinced that I was adopted. They all got along really well and I felt like the outsider. My adoption theory was seriously flawed though, as my siblings and I look ridiculously similar. We all have light brown hair and blue eyes and are tall. There are slight differences - Westy is more blonde than brunette, Bow got my Dad's nose while the rest of us were blessed with my Mom's nose, Turtle's hair is a bit darker than the rest of us - but there's no mistaking that we're related (which isn't a bad thing now but caused me immeasurable angst when I was a teenager.)

6. I love peanut butter & pickle sandwiches. There's something about the sweet peanut butter (it can't be healthy, natural peanut butter, it's got to be the sugary sweet stuff) and the tangy pickles (garlic pickles, to be specific) that pleases me to no end.

Right, so now I need to pick 6 people to play. Don't worry, I won't call you an asscock this time if you don't play along: Tiny E, Bing, Trish or Cory, July Bug, Alice and Thomas.


  1. Dude, I know all about sleeping issues. They suck.

  2. I'm not a cat person either. My roommate has two and I've learned how to live with them. We're not friends, though. I prefer puppies.

    And Cabaret? Definitely awesome.

  3. peanut butter and pickles?! ick. i like them both but would rather keep them seperate!

  4. I'm not a cat person either. We have one, but she's only allowed in the office or the basement.

    Sorry about the sleep issues! I have had nights where I wake up for HOURS in the middle of the night, and it sucks!

  5. So I clicked on the link to the video, expecting to see you standing in the background of a club or something but YOU'RE THE STAR OF THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!! That is SO SO COOL!

    (And you did a lovely job of circling the "O" with your finger. Was that choreographed? Finger dancing?) :)

    And I've never seen Cabaret!!? I must get on that.

  6. I am a huge cat person. I will enjoy kitties on your behalf.
    Also have major sleep issues. When I'm stressed I tend to scream. Sam and I don't share a bed because of how badly we sleep when we share. We plan on having separate bedrooms when we live together.
    I also sleep eat. Which causes annoying weight gain AND crumbs in bed.

  7. hee, obviously i'm a cat person. the problem is there are a lot of mean stupid cats out there... even non-cat people have a hard time staying away from kittens, though!

    OH DEAR i've been tagged! gah! i'm terrible at those! i'll start working on it though...

  8. Oh, I talk in my sleep too. When stressed I get wickedly bad nightmares and that results in screaming in my sleep. Not awesome.


    Okay... so how bad does that guy wish he were Tom Waits? Anyhow, this video makes me feel all creepy and weird because YOU ARE STROKING A HEADSTONE. Okay? But it's alright because you still get to say you were in a music video and that's pretty damn cool.

    Peanut butter and pickles? No... no.... no....