Tuesday, 13 May 2008

But Whether Or Not My Message You Got Was Too Much Or Alot To Reply

My cellphone is broken. No, my voicemail is broken. This is making me very sad. At some point Friday night (I'm thinking -no, hoping - it was after a few triple gins and not before because then at least I have an excuse) I tried to check my voicemail. The club was really loud, though, and I was a bit, erm, tipsy so I was unsuccessful. It turns out that my seemingly random button-pushing was, in fact, some sort of magic code that turned my voicemail from a user-friendly (well, Hillary-friendly) English-speaking entity into a frustrating, Cantonese-speaking DEVIL. Saturday morning, when I checked my voicemail, I had the biggest WTF moment I've had in a while. I think the hangover exacerbated the level of wtf-ness. It's really disconcerting to call a number that you are familiar with and have a completely different outcome than what you're used to. It would be like calling your parents' number and having a complete stranger answer the phone. It throws you off. Anyway, I can still check my voicemail because I know the pattern. Call my voicemail, enter my password, press 1 to listen to messages, 4 to repeat, 7 to delete, 9 to save. Fine. But I don't know the pattern for changing my personal options. I don't know how to switch my voicemail back to English. I know that I can take my phone back to the store where I got it and get someone to help me. I just feel like such a dumbass. I can't be the only person this has ever happened to, right?

Yesterday's Festival of S activity was a yummy meal of bbq chicken, tomato salad and garlic bread. This pushed back our painting schedule but we still managed to finish. Our bathroom is now Distant Mountain. The paint chip is a greyish green but our bathroom is looking a bit minty right now. I'm hoping it dries darker. I really wanted to paint the bathroom red but I was dissuaded by the fact that red paint required 4 coats. I can't commit to 4 coats of paint. I couldn't deal with my bathroom being out of commission for an entire week. It's only been 2 days of applying makeup in the kitchen and I'm already going a bit batty.


  1. AHAHAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAaaaaahahaha. that's pretty much SUPER AWESOME about the cantonese.

    are you sure someone didn't do it as a prank? i've changed my friends' (visual) phone menus into french before...

  2. I think Stella messed with your phone.

    She's got a mischievous twinkle in her eye ;)

  3. My friends were joking around once and managed to do the same thing to my cell phone - change it to Spanish. Jackasses. Thankfully, one of them had a phone with the same cell phone plan, so they could walk through it in English on their phone and then do the same steps on my phone. Maybe you have friends who could help? Though, I'm not sure what's worse - admitting your issue to people who will undoubtedly make fun of you or to a total stranger you'll never see again.

  4. A few folks I knew in law school did this to a classmate's phone. His solution was similar to Nilsa S.'s.

  5. Heee! That really stinks, though. I've had friends who have done that to other people. It's quite amusing if it isn't you!

    Your dinner sounds so fantastic. I'm getting hungry!

  6. You could take it to the store and SAY it was a prank by one of your friends... that makes you look like a victim and thereby LESS pathetic, right?

    Oh and red only equals 4 coats if you don't use a tinted primer underneath. Tinted primer is teh awesome!

  7. I'm pretty sure that it wasn't a prank. I'm really careful about my phone + drunk friends after 1 of my guy friends took a picture of his jiggly bits in a, um, non jiggly state and put it on my phone as his caller id picture.
    I'm totally taking Raven's suggestion and pretending that someone else did it :)

  8. Oh god! That's hilarious and awful at the same time. I did something like that to my iPod once. It took me forever to get it off the Chinese character version. Good luck!

  9. Wtf-ness. Awesome word. Stealing it.

    I thought it would be fun to program my GPS to speak French. Normally I have "Jane" programmed to have a British accent because I think it sounds rad when she says: "Ahead, take the motorway. Ahead." But hey! I know some French! I can figure it out! Nope. Not at all. Big mistake. And all the menus were now in Francois. Bull-shit.

    So, I had to reset the whole thing back to the English, pre-set settings. I lost all of my saved addresses. Dammit.

    And did you know that "FOOK" is Cantonese for Good Luck? So, I'm wishing you a buttload of Fook.