Tuesday, 20 May 2008

And You Can Soak Your Bread In Gravy

I told S that I was taking him out for dinner on Friday. Usually he's up for heading downtown but on Friday he felt lazy and wanted to order in. I ended up plying him with beer to make him want to go out, which meant that we were 45 minutes late to S's party and drunk by the time we got there. We are classy people. Being late meant that everyone was there, though, so it made for a good surprise. I thought that S had caught on but he says that he had no idea. Dinner was really nice - we went to a really cool brew pub that has excellent food (filet mignon for S, chicken satay skewers for me.) After dinner, we went back to a friend's condo for more drinky-drinks. Judging from this picture, we were in quite a state.

I think we were pulling our best Zoolander poses, but it's possible that we were just trying to look serious. Or sober. Clearly we failed.

The details get a bit fuzzy from this point on, but after a few hours at the condo we headed out to a bar. Nothing spectacular happened at the bar. After a bit, we left and headed to Fritz. Fritz is the best fast-food poutine place in Vancouver. If you live in Vancouver and you don't agree with me, I will fight you.

Just look at that cheesy, gravy yumminess.

Poutine = best ending to a night out.

The rest of the weekend was devoted to recovering from the nasty hangovers we woke up with Saturday morning. I managed to ignore my computer all weekend, which was nice. Not so nice, was opening up my Google Reader this morning and seeing how behind I am in my blog reading.


  1. Hee! I love that first pic of you guys. Fun times!

    I didn't have access to a computer all weekend too, which was nice. I was surprised with how easy it was to stay away from it all. I think it was all the sun we had - I was inside just to sleep and eat. When it's that nice out, it's never tempting to be inside.

  2. i'm intrigued / disgusted / jealous of that poutine idea. like, it LOOKS horrible, but i'm pretty sure i want it. like, RIGHTNOW.

  3. I have no clue what this poutine stuff is and I'm equally scared/intrigued by it. Gravy? On fries? I must try it.

  4. You guys look adorable in that last photo!

    And Lauren has never had gravy on fries? That makes me weep on her behalf.

  5. Poutine is outrageously good. Except, in the Maritimes it's hard to find the good stuff. But really, what fries, cheese and gravy aren't good?

  6. oh my holy jesus. I would like that poutine please right now. My life will not be complete until I have tried poutine.

  7. Fries and Gravy????? Yes please. (Is it bad that the photo of poutine is now my desktop background? No? That's why you're cool.)

    And welcome back!

    And I think you should use Shutterfly and make the "Zoolander" picture into a thank-you card for wedding gifts. Might as well ride the "classy" all the way into the sunset :)

  8. Is it safe to assume the morning after Hillary kind of hates the nighttime Hillary?

  9. Oh how I wish I could get Poutine in Texas. SERIOUSLY WISH.

  10. Zoolander? Drunk attempting to look sober? Hell, it's a great photo, who cares. It's probably safer for a Christmas card than Elaine's on Seinfield.

  11. Dude, where is Fritz's???
    Never even heard of it!!!

  12. Sharon: Thanks!

    Alice: you totally DO want poutine right now - trust me. I used to be so grossed out by it (fries + cheese curds + gravy? Seriously?) but then I ate it while I was drunk. It was magic.

    Lauren: Find poutine. You won't regret it.

    Angella: Thanks :)

    Ben: If you're even in Vancouver, go to Fritz. You will cry.

    Skeezix: My life isn't complete because I've never had "real" poutine (it's traditionally a French Canadian dish, so unless you've eaten it in Quebec, you haven't had the real thing)

    Over-Thinker: Fries and gravy and CHEESE CURDS! The cheese curds are key.

    Thomas: The morning after Hillary generally asks wtf? and then goes back to sleep.

    Raven: I'm totally shotgunning the Poutine in Texas idea. I'll make millions.

    Donna: Seinfeld reference = I love you.

    Meg: It's on the south side of Davie, in between Granville and Howe. It's a tiny little storefront by day and a huge drunken crowd of rowdies at night. There's room for maybe 6 people inside so there's always about 50 people gathered outside on weekend nights.

  13. Yummy! Poutine is my absolute favourite comfort food. Especially the 'Galvaude' variety with shredded chicken and green peas. The best poutine I've found in Toronto is at The Yellow Griffin pub on Bloor St. West.

  14. Sorry for the late comment, but where is this poutine place in Vancouver? I absolutely fell in love with the idea of the stuff when I first heard of it. It's not easy to find in the States and I forgot to look for it last time I was up there.

  15. I'm here reading all the comments above and feeling a little jealous. How come all these people knew you existed while I did not? Why were they hoarding you from me?

    I want poutine. :(