Saturday, 24 May 2008

All This Whinin' And Cryin' And Pitchin' A Fit

Right, so um, S = Shawn and I = sheepish. And hungover.

Thank you for being such lovely people and making me laugh.

Last night I was so caught up in the drama and today? Totally over it. Jayne is a weiner and I'm done trying to be her friend for Shawn's sake. I feel so zen.


  1. SHAWN! I was soooo off. I totally thought it was Steve. Or Sam. I didn't even think Shawn. Cool name--actually, it's quite sexxxay. (Does he know you outed him yet?) Hey! Maybe you could fancy-him-up for "anonymous blog purposes" and toss a Y in SOME people we know.

    Example: My fiance, Shawyn, took out the recycling today! that's not going to about: My fiance, Shawyn, held my hair as I puked through another hangover.

    That's better.

  2. Glad you're feeling better about the Jayne stuff. She's not worth you stressing over her!