Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Stop In The Name Of Love Before You Break My Heart

Since I have nothing to post (besides wedding angst and pictures of my puppy) I thought I'd steal this idea from Chelsea (who, by the way, is hilarious - go read her blog!)

In her post, she talks about how useful it would be for people to come with a warning label to provide information on all the nasty bits (much like warning labels on food provide information on all the chemicals and preservatives and other nasties in the product.) It got me thinking about my warning label (it also got me wondering if S would have stuck around had he known all this when we first met.) So here it is, all my nasty bits summed up:

Type A with uncanny procrastination skills. Stubborn and unable to admit when wrong. Resorts to guilt trips too often. Shouts the answers to Jeopardy at the tv (because the louder you say the answer, the more likely you are to be right, right?) Blog addict. Bizarre food justifications (ie. it's okay to eat candy for breakfast if you have black bean salad for lunch.) Cares too much about the size of her ass. Cares too little about actually reducing the size of her ass. A bit crazy. Clean freak but consistently cluttered. Relentless sweet-tooth. Defensive feminist. Crier. Swears like a pirate. Juvenile sense of humour. Grammar snob. Blanket hog. Talks too much.

I'm sure there's more. I'm sure if I asked S, he could add a lot to this post (however, I will not be asking S as I don't think my ego could take it.)

What would your warning label say?


  1. Thank you for awesome shout out, you'd rad!! and btw, I love the cares too much about the size of her ass but does little about part....sounds like something on my label.
    Oh, AND the crying too much. I do too.

  2. I'm totally stealing this idea. Be prepared for another shout out.