Monday, 18 February 2008

Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk These Are Just A Couple Of My Cravings

Today was my first day back at work and it kind of ... sucked. The morning commute sucks because I never get a seat, but today was extra sucky because I didn't get a seat and I have a cold. I had piles of work to catch up on. We got new soap. It's really smelly. Like, you wash your hands and then you can still smell it hours later. I hate that. I have a cold and I can still smell it. My day was seriously grim and then I remembered I had a Snickers bar in my desk from last week. Things were looking up. That is, until I couldn't find the Snickers. I couldn't find the Snickers because someone stole it from my desk. I don't know who the chocolate theif is but he better watch his ass - I am out for blood. And no, it's not possible that I ate the Snickers or misplaced it. I do not misplace chocolate. I do not forget that I ate chocolate. Chocolate is serious and I treat it with the utmost respect.

Things were crap but then I got to come home to this:


  1. Chocolate theives are not cool! But at least you have a cute puppy to come home to!

  2. How rude! I actually have a locked candy bin in my office. Can't trust anyone nowadays (I think I just channeled my grandma).

    Such a cute picture. I love when they stick their tongues out and don't know it.

  3. what kind of doggie is that?

  4. she's a pug x beagle (technically a "puggle" but using that term makes me want to kick my own ass.)